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Janet Nguyen’s victory this week in the race for the 34th State Senate District means that she is going to vacate her seat in the First District of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, in January.

What this means is that there will be a Special Election, probably in February, to replace Nguyen.

I ran into Lou Correa at Sal Tinajero’s Election Night Party and he said he was definitely running.  But there are going to be quite a few other candidates and as I understand it this will be a winner takes all election.

So who do you think should become our next OC Supervisor?  The First District includes the cities of Santa Ana, Westminster and Garden Grove and portions of Fountain Valley and Midway City.  This is mostly a blue collar area with a need for more economic development, affordable housing and transportation.  We need a good Supervisor who will be able to tackle these issues right away.

Please note that you can vote for up to three candidates in the poll above.  Or pick the one you really like.  Now go vote!

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The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

6 thoughts on “Poll – who should replace Janet Nguyen in the First Supervisorial District?”
  1. Correa LIED about not supporting high-speed rail and its $100 BILLION cost to taxpayers while he was in the Senate — the same Senate where he blew off his 1st District constituents when he was its Supervisor the first time around. The so-called “moderate” on taxes voted for high-speed rail anyway. He looks after his Hispanic voters, and no one else. The clown needs to retire and leave us alone. We’re done with liars.

  2. It’s hightime for Lou Correa and Jose Solorio to get a job outside of a taxpayer funded one.

  3. So true. Both rely on their spouses to support the families because they refuse to work. Lou is worse in this regard, but both are leeches. Plus, we know Lou wont fill out his term. Adios, Ratones

  4. Initially there was buzz about Lou’s relationship with the Calderon cabal. It went away pretty quick (the gossip anyway). I believe in guilt by association though and steeping from the corrupt state senate to the corrupt BOS is just a different pot to steal from. To those who say Lou is honest and represents people well, I would say this: Right before EBOLA kills you, the victim feels a sense of relief.

    LOU, Go get a lobbyist job. Leave the BOS to some new blood. You had your chance and squandered it.

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