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Santa Ana Police Dept. to start a Customer Service Survey in 2017

Starting January 2017, the Santa Ana Police Dept. (SAPD) will start a random survey to improve customer service within the Department. On average, the SAPD receives over 10,000 Calls for Service a month. Every month, anyone who places a Call for Service with the SAPD may be selected to participate in the random survey.

  • Surveys will be limited to only individuals reporting Priority 3 through 5 Calls for Service*
  • The SAPD will avoid contacting victims of serious crimes
  • The SAPD will avoid contacting criminal subjects who were arrested

Individuals selected to participate in the survey, will be contacted in person by a Volunteer with SAPD and provided a paper copy of the survey. The individual can fill out the survey in private, and then return it to SAPD. Information gathered from the customer service survey, both positive and negative, would be evaluated and shared with SAPD to look for ways to improve or continue the service provided.

Additionally, the Santa Ana Police Dept has selected a Vendor for their Body Worn Cameras and will start using them in the field. Starting in January 2017, SAPD Officers will receive 4-hours of training on how to use the Body Worn Cameras in Phase 1 of the project which should be completed by May 2017. Once an Officer has received training, they will be issued a Body Worn Camera and start using them in the field.

  • In an emergency, CALL 911
  • For non-emergency, call SAPD at 714-834-4211
  • SAPD’s Phone Directory can be found here:

*Calls for Service Priorities Levels:

  • Priority 1: Emergency call for service that is life-threatening.
  • Priority 2: Call for Service that threatens the safety of citizens, and serious crimes that may be in progress or just occurred.
  • Priority 3: Call for Service that is non-life threatening but urgent in nature.
  • Priority 4: Routine incidents of non-life threatening but require police response for appropriate documentation or action.
  • Priority 5: Call for service not urgent in nature, requiring administrative action for documentation purposes.

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One thought on “Police Chief Carlos Rojas wants to know how we feel about the SAPD’s service”
  1. I am pleased to see SAPD moving forward with this! I hope that other cities will also use this as a model. In so many instances, good residents have only one interaction with the police in their lifetime (reporting a crime, etc) and these citizens deserve to have the feedback about their experience recognized and noted.

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