Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

UPDATE: Intense pressure is building all over the U.S. to shut down Occupy as the encampents have become increasingly squalid and dangerous.  NEW – Deaths at Occupy Camps Bring Pressure for Shutdown (ABC)

The Occupy movement is still licking their wounds over the Santa Ana’s justifiable decision to not allow them to camp out overnight in our downtown.  They will be in Irvine again this Saturday if you want to see them in “action.”  They  may also be in Santa Ana, in smaller numbers.  Click here to see their Facebook page.

In the meantime, here is a wrap-up of Occupy news from around the nation – and it isn’t good news:

  • Man Shot at Occupy Oakland – A young man was fatally shot Thursday evening just yards from the Occupy Oakland encampment outside City Hall. (San Francisco Chronicle).
  • Suicide at Occupy Vermont – Police say preliminary investigations show a 35-year-old military veteran fatally shot himself in the head at an Occupy Wall Street encampment in Burlington. (New York Times).
  • Dozens arrested at Occupy Cal – Wednesday night, campus police arrested dozens of students and clashed with others to end a student occupation. (MSNBC).
  • Gresham Mayor bills Occupy Portland for damage to police cars – Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis wants Occupy Portland to pay for damages to two of his city’s patrol cars. The damage was allegedly caused by one of the movement’s members. (
  • Man arrested at Occupy Toronto – One man has been arrested after allegedly throwing hot soup at another man at the site of the Occupy Toronto demonstrations Thursday evening. (Globe and Mail).
  • Occupy Wall St. protester arrested for kicking medic – An Occupy Wall Street protester was arrested early Thursday morning after allegedly fracturing an EMT’s ankle, officials said. (AM New York).
  • Occupy Wall Street: Protests Unsafe, Sexual Assaults and Violence on the Rise –  Occupy Wall Street has been going on for a little over two months, but protests are becoming controversial as news of sexual assaults and other criminal activity are marring its humble efforts. (Christian Post).
  • “Squalid” camp undermining Occupy Vancouver: mayor –  We’ve been patient with the encampment side as it was considered a key element of the larger protest in over 1,700 cities around the world, until serious life safety concerns emerged with two critical incidents and a death, with the fire department discovering propane bottles and flammable materials in tents and the tarping system and access problems. It was clear that conditions in the encampment had seriously deteriorated, and the city needed to intervene to put safety first. (XTRA).

Remind me again why the heck we want to do this in Santa Ana?

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23 thoughts on “Time to shut down Occupy?”
  1. Oh my god. Mi Hermano Pedroza. What has become of you? You are like the Fox News and National Enquirer and Escandalo all in one. Or as Alvarez would say a “Chicken Little” You are all freaking-out over Occupy “situations”. How many Veterans have killed themselves over the Occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan? Wall Street D-Bags kill others and themselves in far greater numbers. Have you lost all sense? Are you still a Born Again Christian? Because you are sinning big time Senor Grand Inquisitor.

  2. “Occupy” is freedom protest against Tyrannical Economic Order, Goof Ball. Why would you expect freedom to go smoothly? Your lies are the lies of a fascist regime. Occupiers for the most part do not lie or hide the sloppiness of the Occupations. Just Sloppiness is favored to unjust, non-sensical, perverted, upside-down pathetic attempts at a Zombie Order. Live with Occupy Freedom or die a Zombie Coward. There is order in the Chaos unlike the matrix that you hold on to like an antiquated religion.

  3. You know there is a difference, a difference in the quality of the people and a difference in the quality of the police force and government managements. The Irvine and the Santa Ana occupy movements have been lucky. We can only hope that the low grade agitators don’t find their way to the OC.

  4. Mateo, what happened to admin is he sold out for peanuts blindly thinking that the swine powers that be in Santa ana will someday help him finally get elected to some office. It’s never going to happen. In the meantime he’s getting played like a fiddle but too dumb and blind to see that. I think its hilarious!

    1. No Jose, as usual you are wrong. What happened is that we elected an all-Latino City Council and the only Republican left, Carlos Bustamante, will be gone next year. This Council pushed the Usual Suspects out of City Hall and off our City Commissions. They got rid of Dave Ream and his henchmen. They are doing exactly what I have been advocating for years. Why should I oppose them? If they do something worthy of opposing, I will do so gladly. Hating them blindly, as you do, will get you nowhere, just like the lame and useless Occupy movement.

  5. Admin … “What happened is that we elected an all-Latino City Council and the only Republican left, Carlos Bustamante, will be gone next year. This Council pushed the Usual Suspects out of City Hall and off our City Commissions. They got rid of Dave Ream and his henchmen. They are doing exactly what I have been advocating for years”

    Admin, I have heard this song before, in the mid-sixties, many people today think segregation is racism, but it was a political solution to a human condition, and its time has pasted.

    Why sing the segregation song now for Santa Ana?


    ” segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” “ Gov. G. Wallace”

    A popular and populist governor, Maddox came to prominence as a staunch segregationist and maintained, to his death, that he never had any regrets

    1966 election Georgia, When L. Maddox sought the Democratic Party nomination for Governor of Georgia in 1966, and Maddox finished second, (State Senator Jimmy Carter came in third) Under the election rules then in effect, legislature overwhelmingly dominated by Democrats, required to sign a Democratic loyalty oath, Maddox became Governor, serving from 1967 to 1971.

    1. Silly Cook. I already told you how to fix this problem. Go collect signatures and put a ward-specific measure on the next ballot. This will result in a City Council with perhaps one or two white Council Members and maybe even a Vietnamese Council Member.

      I have always supported this concept and I would endorse and support such a measure.

      Or you can keep complaining about our all-Latino City Council. The choice is yours.

  6. The ward election system would help in recalls, but not much else.

    I am not complaining about our all-Latino City Council, I think we got the best council in the entire county.

    I just don’t think segregating Santa Ana into distinct districts of Viet’s, Latino’s, White’s etc. is the way to go.

    Look at yourself, you live in a White / Gay area of Santa Ana, would you move to Mid-town? A Latino area? Would I have to move from Latino Willard to a whiter area? And what about the rest of my family where is their area?

  7. Don’t you go making me quote you Senor! You, the one that acts like you are all in love with Alvarez one day and all attacking her the next. Same with your fickle relationship with Sarmiento. You are the Telenovela. not me Senor. Go watch Gossip Girl. Mean Girl!

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