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Cecilia Aguinaga

By: Cecilia Aguinaga, Trustee, OC Vector Control District

I believe the recent events involving efforts to eradicate the West Nile Virus require some clarification in the media. I received several disturbing emails from Santa Ana residents that caused me to take action on their behalf. Over the weekend I made phone calls and talked to Mike Hearst, the District Manager of the Orange County Vector Control District.

Although I do not have the authority to make decisions regarding how the OCVCD conducts its spraying, I was able to discuss the issue and
express the concerns that were voiced by residents. With this information at their disposal, the OCVC agreed to delay their schedule to spray in order that additional notification could be given to the people and agencies of Santa Ana.

I am not responsible for the decision to spray for mosquitoes.  I took all the steps that I could to respond to the questions and concerns from my constiuents.


Cecilia Aguinaga

Trustee, OCVCD

By Editor

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6 thoughts on “OC Vector Control District Trustee Aguinaga’s response regarding mosquito spraying”
  1. Mrs. Aguinaga your response is a week too late because this is old news. I receive a call from my council member the Saturday before the scheduled spraying.
    My suggestion to you if elected to SAUSD is that you keep SA residents well informed and take our issues and conserns very seriously.

  2. I believe Ms. Aguinaga’s clarification of the facts surrounding her involvement with the mosquito abatement program were more than timely, considering this all happened earlier this week. She acted as “the voice for the people of the community” and caused spraying plans to be delayed. Anonymous received a call from their council member and that is good; because that is their job. Cecilia Aguinaga represents the best interests of the community and utilizes every means at her disposal to uphold those best interests. The delayed spraying decision is just one example of Ms. Aguinaga’s tenacity and her commitment to the residents of Santa Ana to protect their collective interests and concerns. If elected to the SAUSD, Cecilia Aguinaga will be the voice for the people of Santa Ana on their collective issues and concerns with the school system in her district.

    1. it is false and hypocritical only cares about his interests outside is a daily walk drunk alcoholic family is not interested


    and not one of these cooling centers north of 17th St. – this is discrimination!

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