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TUSTIN, Calif. (July 2, 2021) – The Fourth of July weekend is traditionally the highest intake time for animal shelters across the country. In preparation for the upcoming holiday, OC Animal Care presents residents with the following tips to ensure a safe and happy celebration for pets and their owners.

Provide a Safe Space for Your Pet Indoors

Fireworks are loud and sometimes frightening for pets which can lead to panic and possible fleeing. To ensure pets are comfortable at home, pet owners can create a safe space by:

• Keeping doors, windows, and curtains closed
• Designating a quiet room or crate for their pet
• Placing a sign on the door to prevent people from entering the pet’s room
• Playing calm music or “white noise” such as the television in the background to distract their pet from loud noises
• Giving their pet their favorite chew toy to keep them busy, such as a Kong stuffed with treats

Ensure Pet Identification Is Up to Date

Securing your pet with their collar and ID tag attached can make a difference if your animal escapes. Verify your pet’s name, phone number, and any important information such as medical conditions to ensure they are updated and current. Microchip your pet as an additional security measure in case your pet loses its collar and ID tag.

Tips if You Lose or Find a Pet

If you find a lost pet or your own goes missing, the following are actions you can take:

• Contact OC Animal Care at (714) 935-6848 to make a lost or found pet report
• Ask neighbors if they recognize the found pet or ask if they have seen your missing pet
• Post lost/found flyers in your neighborhood or on local lost/found pages on Facebook, Nextdoor, Pawboost, and other social platforms
• Contact your local vet office to see if your missing pet was brought in or take a found pet to a local vet office for a microchip scan

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OC Animal Care is the largest municipal animal shelter in Orange County, taking in over 18,000 animals each year. It services 14 cities and all of the County’s unincorporated areas. OC Animal Care is guided by its strategic plan establishing progressive programs and policies to help the agency achieve its vision of a safe and compassionate community for all. For more information about OC Animal Care, please visit and follow @ocanimalcare on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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