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June 2, 2012
Contact: Art Pedroza, Candidate for the Orange County Board of Education, Area One
Phone#: (714) 606-7622, Email:

SANTA ANA – Art Pedroza, a teacher at Cerritos College and the leading candidate for the Orange County Board of Education, has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Pedroza said, “I have never ever supported a tax increase and I have steadfastly opposed every local and state bond measure.”

Pedroza believes that local school and community college districts often mislead voters about their intentions, and they waste taxpayer money.

Both the Santa Ana Unified School District and the Rancho Santiago Community College District passed Project Labor Agreements after voters approved several bond measures.  As Pedroza pointed out at the time, the PLAs wasted money and kept non-union contractors out of the bidding for the resulting construction projects – ironically costing local jobs and handing contracts mostly to out of town union contractors.

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6 thoughts on “O.C. BOE candidate Pedroza signs the Taxpayer Protection Pledge”
    1. Perhaps you can explain to the voters why the SAUSD’s first project after Measure G passed was to remodel the district headquarters?

    1. The board members make sure their friends get the big contracts after these bonds pass.

      By the way, the guy the SAUSD hired as their construction manager is the same guy that built the Taj Mahal district headquarters at CAPO Unified.

  1. Awesome. Now we will have the Scientologists and the New Songers and the hindus in downtown Santa Ana.

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