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Nesall fireworks stand broken into and tagged by gangs

The Northeast Santa Ana Little League (NESALL) Fireworks Stand, located at 1900 North Grand Avenue, in Santa Ana, was burglarized early this morning by three unidentified men who broke into the stand and stole fireworks valued at approximately $700.00, including the stand’s TNT Big Bang, a huge assortment of fireworks worth over $500.  The miscreants also tagged the stand – which means they may have been lowlife cholos!

The thieving gangbangers came to the stand at around around 7:00 a.m. and pulled their truck up behind the stand. They cut the connection to the stand as well as an internal bolt. The stand’s security guard realized that they did not completely pass the stand and went to the east end and he was able to interrupt them.  That limited what they could take and thankfully they did not take any money.   

The NESALL fireworks stand is their biggest annual fundraiser. The funds raised at this stand help to keep their fees low and support their efforts to bring Little League baseball programs to low income families that might otherwise not be able to afford to enroll their children in this sports activity.  NESALL friends and families support this fundraiser every year with thousands of volunteer hours.

TNT Big Bang

This crime is a direct attack on the children who participate in NESALL Little League baseball.  Please support this worthy cause by donating today at this link.

NESALL Fireworks stand

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9 thoughts on “Northeast Santa Ana Little League’s fireworks stand burglarized and tagged on July 4”
  1. The stands are supposed to be watched 24 hours. Wasn’t anyone staying over night? It’s very unfortunate that this happened.

    1. It turns out the guard saw them but he was instructed to pull back and call the cops. He did and probably limited the damage. Thankfully the guard was not hurt. These gang banger thugs are often armed.

    2. The stand is and are always watched every year by one of our volunteers. We do not hire professional security, our league does not have that kind of luxury. We would rather save the money for the kids. Our volunteers are instructed to call 911 and not confront the thief. Our league puts more value on the persons life than on a box of fireworks. I appluded our volunteer for handling the situation, a very scaring situation because you don’t know what these thieves are capable of, in a very responsible manner. To the thieves, karma will find you.

    1. Perhaps you missed the tagging in the picture? The money raised by this stand funds youth sports. So we are correct on both counts.

      1. “lowlife cholos” – If you were not Hispanic you would be called racist for using that term.

        “direct attack.on the.children” – a gross exaggeration or hyperbole – take your pick.

        Perhaps the tagging and the burglary were separate incidents by different lowlife cholos.

        1. Nope. One and the same. We stand by our statement.

          It takes real scumbags to target a charity that funds youth sports.

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