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Triada Court

Santa Ana Community Alert:

Related California and City of Santa Ana Celebrate Grand Opening of Triada

New Residential Community Offers 114 New Affordable Homes in Santa Ana Station District

SANTA ANA, CA (May 31, 2013) – Related California, the City of Santa Ana and community members celebrate the grand opening of Triada Court, Triada Gardens and Triada Village, which together form a new community of affordable apartment homes in the Lacy Neighborhood of the Santa Ana Station District.


• Mayor Miguel Pulido
• Members of the Santa Ana City Council
• Bill Witte, Related California’s president and CEO
• Roger Torriero, President & CEO, Griffin Realty Corp.
• Keith Kobata, Area Manager for Greater Orange County, Wells Fargo
• Cesar Covarrubias, Executive Director, Kennedy Commission


The new apartment community includes 114 new apartment homes on scattered sites in a combination of new construction and historic rehabilitation. Together they make up the first major development to complete construction under the City’s new Transit Zoning Code which promotes transit-oriented development in the area surrounding the Santa Ana Regional Transportation Center (SARTC). The final phase of the Station District affordable housing project which will include approximately 24 for-sale homes (developed by City Ventures) is anticipated to be under construction later this year.


650 N. Lacy Street, Santa Ana, CA (in the Lacy Neighborhood of the Santa Ana Station District)


Monday, June 3, 12 Noon – 1:00 p.m.


Related California
Chase Communications
Julie Chase
(415) 433-0100 (o) /(415) 710-7108 (c)
City of Santa Ana
Jose Gonzalez
714-647-5209 (o) /714-822-4415 (c)

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14 thoughts on “New affordable apartment homes to open in Santa Ana on 6/3”
  1. That is the most bizarre image I have ever seen in Santa Ana. Some kind of woman trapped in a space pod and being flanked by a pepper tree pod and a boy licking his cone. WEIRD! Whose idea was that?

  2. I was looking forward to the opening of these apartments but after a week I’m not so keen on “affordable housing.” I cannot get a price quote on an apartment or a home. I am told, “it’s based on my income.” So I should work less hours in order for my apartment to be cheaper? Then rates will go up on other apartments to make up for it. Who pays that increased rent? But the homes look nice on the outside but are anything but modern on the inside. They have cheap metal window blinds which will look bad in 3 months, one full bathroom per unit, electric ranges, not gas, no amenities, Plus, in the past week, I’ve discovered that my new neighbors include a shoplifter, a thief, a woman who digs in our trash cans at 5am and crushes aluminum cans on her front porch at 6am, unknown neighbors who illegally dump furniture and other large items in our trash dumpster, another woman whose sole means of communicating with her children is by shouting in anger, children who scream constantly indoors (are they being beaten?) and outdoors late into the night, children who set off explosives (or is it guns?) dogs who bark constantly day and night and poorly maintained cars who desperately need new belts that don’t scream every morning, that leak oil in the gutters, that take multiple 5 second tries for the starters to turn over and whose owners return home at 2am with car radios turned up and windows down. Does poor have to mean rude, uneducated, & noisy? Can the property management please teach their new tenants about proper neighbor etiquette?

  3. And if you bury your dead yappy pets back there the will also add nutrients. Calcium. You won’t even have to buy soil at h.d.

  4. I used to live in the ghetto ass apartments they knocked down to build these ghetto ass apartments. That’s a dead on description of the area…glad to hear not much has changed.

  5. The actual sculpture looks much better than the picture. The actual apartments look much nicer than the way all of these people are describing as well. It’s damn nice little low income crib but missing a backyard.

  6. I thought that she wanted him to lick her toes but all she really wanted was for the boy to remove her ankle bracelet so that she could return to Santa Ana Society and not be hunted down by the police at midnight. I think it is a Downtown Cinderella story still being abused by her Sisters as represented by the peppercorn Uteri, or the City Council.

  7. But more seriously. This boy definitely knows he is trapped in between the circumstances of being seduced by the rattlesnake woman from the space pod and the temptations of climbing into the empty colon chambers laying on the floor. He is feeling too ambivalent to make a decision and so chooses to get a little more chubby eating his melting iced cream. He needs to go to Latino Health access to get free info about Diabetes prevention.

  8. what do you people expect? it’s lower income santa ana people. if you want something better, move to Newport Beach!

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