Mon. May 27th, 2024

Santa Ana resident Nauit Tetl interviewed Larry Elder, the Republican radio host who appears on KABC, when Joe Arpaio visited the Nixon Library last week.  Above you can see the results.

Tetl kept asking Elder why Arapio, who is the Sheriff of Arizona’s Maricopa County, doesn’t target those who employ “illegals.”  Watch Elder spit out the usual GOP talking points.  And to think this guy used to be a Libertarian!

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8 thoughts on “Naui vs. KABC’s Larry Elder, on immigration”
  1. Nice video

    Nauit does quite well in getting a point across without being so negative.

    Elder sure is good at what he does.

  2. A bunch of cities are trying to do exactly that, make it mandatory for businesses to use E-verify and they are getting this same old cr#$ from the pro-illegal alien crowd.

    Larry rocks!

  3. All Larry Elders did was make excuses for the republicans that hire our people that happen to be “undocumented” to the invaders laws . If he really cared about going after “undocumented” workers he would bash the republicans and law enforcement for not going after employers . Larry is a corporate paid political hack that spins the facts for the rich to stay in power and to continue this white supremacy that rules over our lives .

  4. Naui, are you for E-verify?

    Those employers would not be able to claim they were tricked by those with false papers, with E-verify.

  5. Truly,

    You racism is laughable. I did not even know people like you existed still. White Supremacy? What the hell is that?

    If you mean that whites are smarter than people with brown skin, i would put it too you this way; Larry is black and he is way smarter than you. So the moral of the story is, you are thick, not because of your color, but because you’re a closed minded soul who has never been out of your bubble. I would say that Larry who skin is much darker than mine has exactly the same line of thinking…Why, it makes sense, not skin based, but reason based. You are incapable of reason, because you have lost all reason due to your racism. It is hard to go after people who hire illegals because you need proof, were as it is much easier to just go after the illegal aliens because they have NO proof of legal residency.

    If you love YOUR people so much, go back to Mexico where you obviously would be much more comfortable in, since most of the country share your color and do some good. And stop inciting hate here.

    You really are a very sad, individual. Stop wasting your time. Marry your babies mama and get a bloody job!

  6. Using racist comments against whites and Italians to complain about racism is hypocritical. Bigotry is bigotry.

    1. What racist comments? Naui pointed out the truth. Joe Arpaio’s parents were immigrants but he now has an issue with other immigrants. That seems more than a bit hypocritical. It certainly is not bigotry on Naui’s part. He is not against any immigrants. Arpaio however most certainly is.

  7. Illegal aliens are not immigrants!!!! He is trying to stop of wave of illegal aliens that pose a threat to safety, job security, and the over all stability of his community.

    As far as Naui is concerned the fella is a racist, it is obvious to anyone with a bit of sense the guy is completely unstable and his mind has been corrupted by who knows what. I tend to think that children learn from their parents, family, friends and he obviously has a lot of racist in his mists!

    To Admin, and Naui, Italians, Irish, etc….. are invaders to this land, but in fact we are Mexico’s/Mexicans only hope for survival against an enemy with in their own population!

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