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It’s our friend Naui Huitzilopochtli and the Minutemen, and their Latina mascot, Lupe Moreno, whom Naui refers to as a “self hating Mexican,” at the Mexican Consulate in Santa Ana.

You’ll love Lupe’s little pink camera!

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8 thoughts on “Naui Huitzilopochtli takes on the Minutemen, in Santa Ana”
  1. While everyone has the right to express their view on such a complex issue of illegal immigration or any other, last time they were there I saw some very DISTURBING actions by this “minuteman group”.

    One, I was standing by and observing, and I had my US flag and US Marine Corps pin on my jacket (I served on the US Marines & CA Army National Guard). The guy in the “USA cap” was shouting at anyone passing, (ladies and children included)and opening the door to the Mexican Consulate and shouting things like go back and take your diseases with you.

    Now understand this, the Mexican Consulate is an official delegation conducting official business for anyone that needs to do official business in Mexico, or for travel into Mexico. (It could be US citizens or US Resident; along with citizens of other countries not just Mexican citizens.)

    One of the ladies going into the consulate asked me (with her daughter who appeared to be about 6-7), “are you in the US Marines?” I said yes I was a Marine and served from 1987-1994. She replied “my daughter is also a Marine and she has been serving for about 6 years.” Now mind you this is the same lady and 6-7 year daughter whom this guy in the cap got into their face telling them to take their diseases back, assuming that because they are brown skin or Hispanic looking that therefore they must be illegal and disease carriers.

    When I was in the Marine Corps we always said that every Marine, every American is an “Ambassador” for their country, and we were warned not to be the “ugly American”.
    Now, these people hiding their prejudices behind the US flag, are turning the American flag into a threatening symbol of intimidation, not just for the mother and baby sister of this US Marine, but for any other citizen of any country coming to do official business at the Mexican Consulate.

    Secondly, they had signs stating things such as the “Mexican Consul is a thief and steal bread from the poor”. Now, I know that I still live in America where everyone is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty. Now where was this evidence of illegality. Or is it suddenly okay to engage in character assassination of an official delegate if it suits your prejudiced stand. Furthermore, the majority in the US is Christian (Protestant & Catholic). A Judeo Christian value is that “you shall not bear false witness”. Now is it okay to again bear false witness if it suits your prejudicial purpose.

    The “Lupe” lady was stating her opinion that the Mexican Consulate should close and that the US should only allow ONE Mexican Consulate for the whole United States (She was also shouting that the Mexican Consul was a thief). This just exemplifies the ridiculousness of their simplistic ignorant impractical comments. Think about it, all US Citizens or US residents would have to travel from any place in the US to just one place in the US. This would affect the rights of US citizens, would make it prohibitively expensive to US citizen and businesses, would harm the environment even more because people would have to travel enormous distances, and would harm the US economy as Mexico is a major and key trading PARTNER of the US.

    I did have a one-on-one civil conversation with “Jim” an older silver haired gentleman with the minuteman group. I listened patiently while he expressed his concerns of illegal immigration, and he also listened patiently while I expressed that I believe that people’s heart is in the right place as it pertains to illegal immigration, but that unfortunately we let simplistic, ignorant comments or arguments guide our behavior that have the opposite effect of harming us in the US not just in the short term but also in the long term. I expressed that a complex issue as illegal immigration needs to be addressed and solved comprehensively.

    I expressed my individual opinion and in no way was I representing any group or organization.

    Francisco Barragan
    Orange County

  2. wow…that Lupe Moreno really looks like she’d be fun to hang out with! Yikes…what a sour, bitter face!

  3. We always hear about “Latino Pride,” but how can they be a proud people when 90% of Latin Americans would bail on their own countries at the drop of the hat if they could and go to the U.S. or Canada or Europe or Australia to live?

    1. Hugh,

      90% of most residents of this planet would love to come here. And millions of Euros did…

  4. admin,

    Why is it that nobody, not even Latin Americans, want to be in Latin America? Could it be that Latin Americans haven’t made a good attempt at establishing functional countries? There are, what, about 20 different nations in that part of the world, and I can’t think of even one that approaches resemblance to a first-world country.

    Why don’t Latin Americans just try to make Latin America better, rather than fleeing? It’s abundant in natural resources and has a lot of potential, at least from a geographical standpoint.

  5. It’s not that they haven’t made a “good attempt,” Hugh, it’s that they either will not or can not. It’s not in their nature.

  6. naui is a joke hes real name is freddy martinez and he works for lendingtree in white irvine cleaning toilets for the white man

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