Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido is hosting a re-election campaign reception at the offices of First American Title Company on Oct. 4, from 5:30 to 7:30 at 1 First American Way, in Santa Ana.

You may RSVP by calling 818-835-2375 or send an email to

Suggested contribution levels:

  • $249 – Friend
  • $500 – Supporter
  • $1,000 – Sponsor

Pulido has done a great job shepherding our city through very difficult financial times, along with our City Manager Paul Walters.  He deserves a chance to continue serving the people of Santa Ana.

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6 thoughts on “Mayor Pulido to host a campaign reception on Oct. 4”
  1. Hmm, how far into the door does $5 get me? And will I be to kiss as much mayor ass as everyone else or will I only get the crack?

  2. That was a pretty weak graphics example Brian.
    However, I heard that Santanero Zine was in fact doing a contest for best illustrations of Pulido, Benavides and all of the candidates running for office. Admin, make sure that you hit up Santanero for info.

    I hope the cops don’t get all nervous if some of us sit there at the council meeting Monday with sketchpads and charcoal. Haaaaaa haaaaa haa.

    1. My apologies, apparently “Smiley representation” flew right by you. No worries, I understand some people had trouble with comprehension in grade school, and I don’t judge.

  3. David raked in a couple of hundred bucks.

    The party rocked, Sylvia and I smoked some Doobies, she dropped some X and AWAY we went. That one guy has a funny nose!

    Cosmo’s and shooters….YEAH DAVID! YOU ROCK BROTHER!

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