Wed. Mar 29th, 2023
Mexican Independence?

If you don’t know who Theo Hirsch is, then you’re missing out on one of Downtown Santa Ana’s most compelling artists – a guy who is creative not only with visual arts but also with written and spoken words and with music.  Hirsch has his own blog and while he doesn’t post to it very often, when he does it usually means he has something to say.

The other day I got an email from Hirsch about a new post he had been working on.  That post is now done.  It  looks like he drew inspiration from the recent Fiestas Patrias event held in Downtown Santa Ana, ostensibly in celebration of Mexican Independence. A word of warning, like the great comedian George Carlin, may he rest in peace, Hirsch likes to sprinkle his posts with lots of expletives.  Here are a few excerpts:

Celebrating Mexican independence at the Colonization fair

By: Theo Hirsch

What the f*ck is this white washed, asinine, unhealthy bullsh*t? Do any of you have any idea how bad that formula is for your kids? Bumble bee tuna is about the most healthy thing in the entire glass case. Skippy peanut butter (loaded with sugar and preserves), Gerber? White rice manufactured in order to go down smoothly for your child? Is that sh*t suppose to be nutritious? Are you people out of your minds you bottom line, corporate junkies? You market this sh*t to children? Enfamil for babies? Melamine? Sugar? God knows what else… There isn’t enough breast milk to go around or what? Breast milk from a woman, the most important thing in a human babies life is taken by stupid, white corporations because of the bottom, f*cking, line?! You see, we industrialized and westernized humans are damn near retarded. Not only do we have an excess in breast milk that goes to waste, we actually feed our BABIES (children) white rice, corn syrup solids, genetically engineered soy and whey-protein, partially hydrolyzed infant formulas!

We milk cows constantly but won’t drink actual human milk? Like its some kind of sexual crime to drink milk from another person’s mother? Are we just the most ass backwards cult-ure on the face of this beautiful planet that we love to exploit? Like the oil consuming mosquitos that we are? Mother f*ckers! What the f*ck? Skippy peanut butter? That’s the extent of our nutrition? Or do you just pawn that shit off on the poorer, browner areas? White rice Gerber cereal? White bread? That’s not nutritious. F*cking Cherios, Kix, Corn flakes, Life, Lucky charms, Coca puffs, Cinnamon toast crunch? It doesn’t take a solid education to know that most of this sh*t is devoid of nutrition number 1, but but number 2- there isn’t anything Mexican about it!

You can read the rest of this post here.

By Editor

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10 thoughts on “Celebrating Mexican independence at the Colonization Fair?”
  1. The council people are just trying to get elected. Do you think they want to hear any of this? Don’t you think they and the community have better things to do than have their minds blown open? Shame on you Theo Hirsch! Shame on You New Santa Ana.

  2. “Celebrating Mexican independence”……. Hmmmmmmm

    I have never seen more dependent country as is Mexico.

    Mexico can’t even take care of it own people which depend on Americans.

    Mexicans will find any reason to celebrate even their own incompetence — how pathetic.

  3. “If you don’t know who Theo Hirsch is, then you’re missing out on one of Downtown Santa Ana’s most compelling artists – a guy who is creative not only with visual arts but also with written and spoken words and with music.”……… Hmmmmmmmmm

    So if Hirsch writes f*ck then it is an art.

    However if I write f*ck then it is a profanity.

    And if I omit the stupid childish “*” then the entire comment is censored.

    Grow up Pedroza!

          1. Obviously your nine years old is “missing out on one of Downtown Santa Ana’s most compelling artists”

            I wonder how do you read Theo Hirsch yourself? Is you wife putting these silly “*” in his text before you start reading him?……. Or do yo close eyes when you read his “most compelling artist” expressions?

            Who knows?

  4. Blame the promoter — MX Live. It is they, not the City, that makes those “content & sponsorship” decisions.

    Altho it wud be great to have an org like Latino Health Access create healthy guidelines for Fiestas Patrias sponsors. Good luck getting MX Live to agree to it!

    If our City had the budget allocation for events like Fiestas Patrias, then it wouldn’t be so dependent on promoters who’s lifeblood are corporate sponsorships.

    There are other orgs in Santa Ana that have the capacity to make Fiestas Patrias a healthy experience for all but they don’t have deep enough pockets to submit a competitive bid (currently $30,000+ plus production costs).

    If you have any complaints about MX Live’s offerings (sponsorships, programming decisions, outreach, etc) please direct them to Parks & Rec.

    Also, support the creation of a healthy arts & culture allotment within the City of Santa Ana’s annual budget, so we don’t have to bring in hustlers like MX Live.

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