Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Santa Ana City Council

Transparency really matters to Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinajero.  It is why he split from Councilman David Benavides’ “Team Santa Ana” in the recent City Council election.  Benavides steadfastly refused to compel his Planning Commissioner Phil Bacerra to fill out the mandated Communication Disclosure forms until Tinajero threatened to remove Bacerra from his Commission.

Tinajero had the votes to dismiss Bacerra and Benavides knew it.  Mayor Miguel Pulido and Council Members Vince Sarmiento and Angie Amezcua would have likely backed Tinajero.

Now that the election is over it is time for our City Council to get back to work trying to improve our city however Council Member Michele Martinez reacted in typical chola fashion after the election, when she told the Voice of OC that “When I was fighting the mayor before, the gloves were on, now the gloves are off — its bare knuckles.”

It is clear that we need a new City Council majority – one run by adults.  Tinajero, Sarmiento, Amezcua and Pulido should be running this City Council.

In two years we can take out Councilman Roman Reyna.  He is in big trouble after he angered every single law enforcement association in the County (and even statewide) by posing with hard core gang bangers in a picture that was widely circulated on Facebook.

Sarmiento will also be up for reelection.  He made the mistake of backing the FTP mob instead of the police department at a recent City Council meeting.  Sarmiento better figure out where he stands.  Does he want the police associations to unload on him too?

The best way for Sarmiento to rehab himself would be for him to work with a new City Council majority.  The adults need to run this Council.  Benavides, Reyna and Martinez have proven that they are nothing more than an ongoing embarrassment to this city.

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3 thoughts on “It’s time for a new City Council majority”
  1. Your hope with Amezcua is displaced. Shes a mute that doesnt show up at meetings. She’ll fall for David and Roman’s lame act.

  2. Hey All I’m going to say this time is…At least someone is serious about their work, if not their reputation

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