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Is the Santa Ana City Council majority undermining their relationship with all of their city employees by going after their City Manager Paul Walters?  That is exactly what Adam Probolsky, an Orange County political consultant and pollster, suggested in a column posted today at the Voice of OC.

While Probolsky did not finger the attack on Walters specifically, he did suggest that “Demonizing public employees might be good for a sound bite, but it’s an ineffective management approach.”

Here is Probolsky’s column, in its entirety.  Let’s hope the Santa Ana City Council’s bullies take the time to read it:

Community Editorial: A Mandate for Change Isn’t a Mandate to Bully


Each election cycle, there are at least a few communities wherein voters embrace change at the ballot box by electing new local government leaders.

It is not hard to find examples of new slates and political coalitions ousting the majority rule of long-time incumbents — at city halls in particular.

First-time elected officials and those gaining the upper hand in elections through newly elected, like-minded colleagues are entitled to shake things up at their respective agencies. But while it’s reasonable to pursue new and different policies from the outgoing leadership, a mandate for change doesn’t entitle any elected official to intimidate public employees. Bullying staff, using the power of the office to threaten rank-and-file employees and berating managers in public whipping sessions is counterproductive.

Elected officials should take heed: You might be the boss for now, but you won’t get anything done without the help and support of your staff. Demonizing public employees might be good for a sound bite, but it’s an ineffective management approach.

Nor is it a sign of strength. Instead it makes leadership look small-minded and even weak.

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17 thoughts on “Is the Council’s attack on Walters demoralizing all the City’s employees?”
  1. Awesome!
    But do you release that you just posted a picture of a naked man’s buttocks on your front page? I hope he is over 18.
    And I hope all of the exploited children used as props at the council meeting turn out to actually be over 18 as well.

  2. “Is the Council’s attack on Walters demoralizing all the City’s employees?”…….. Hmmmmmmm

    From the picture above the City’s employees look all Latinos or Mexicans, these are violent and uncivilized people.

    So, I think that the remedy would be not to hire Latinos and Mexicans as City’s employees and keep attacking Walters and Pulido.

    1. Pay careful note dear readers. This racist man Fiala is advising the Council majority. He opposes Walters because he is against law and order. If you support anarchy then join him. The people of Santa Ana vote for Mayor Pulido every time because they disagree with Fiala and his Council allies.

      1. “This racist man Fiala is advising the Council majority”……. Hmmmmmm

        You have posted the picture so you are racist!

        As to Walters, it is unlawful to kill mama bear while she has a baby bear next to her. Also get familiar with The Bambi story so your and Walters’ retarded brain understands that you do not kill mothers in front of their children for what ever imaginary reason.

        Only sick brutal regimes practice such an evil. Walters is evil.

        As to Pulido, someone should investigate about why he always gets decisive vote 20k-40k in the last minute of the counting. Maybe he was never elected.

  3. You never answered the ?…..does our current city manger live in our beautiful city…
    Yes or no……

    1. There is no requirement that city employees must live here. I already answered this inane question before. He rides horses and our city is not zoned for horse stables. So he lives in Anaheim Hills. But he probably spends more time here than at home. He certainly did so last year when he worked overtime to resolve our city’s budget crisis.

      1. “He rides horses”……. Hmmmmmm

        So, Dr. Lomeli can’t ride horses? to participate in Santa Ana where he owns busies and Pulido and Walters are enemy of the business!

        Look what Pulido did to One Broadway Plaza.

        Besides, he can rezone if the City has SAPD horses.

        As always you are full of it!….. it is not normal.

  4. It’s game day folks. This is what we have been preparing for since the Gang of 5 Councilmembers (Martinez, Sarmiento, Tinajero, Benavides, and Reyna) took our city and made us political hostages.

    This is going to be the most important day in the history of the City of Santa Ana. Past Councils have been moved to change their plans based on the Public outcry and the combinded voices of many. Our kids are our future and we must not allow them to fire Paul Walter because of petty political games.

    Thanks to all of you who have not given up and intend on being there tonight to speak up to save Paul Walters.

    If you need transportation please notify your neighborhood leaders or send a message to the Paul Walters F.B. page. We have several mini-vans and OCTA has also offered to lend us Micro-buses if we need them. Those of you with youth groups that will perform to thank Pau, please allow enough time to take photos with him and/or the Mayor just after your comments. The Mayor will call the speaker and then also notify the next two groups/speakers to listen for your names and have your kids ready to walk down front and perform.

    We will try to get the young people to speak duriing the first few hours of public comments but try to get them there early and your speaker card filled out. You might want to have a representitive go down to city hall early and be first in the door. T-shirts will be available for a small donation.

    For those with signs, make sure they are not mounted on sticks which are not allowed. Also, the first 6 rows behind the podium can be seen on camera so try to occupy those seats first and have the kids with signs sit in those rows if possible.

    Parking is validated through the city Clerk up front. Also, if older students need to show attendance for school credit, the clerk and sign your verification papers. (great chance for those on debate teams to polish those oratory skills.)

    We expect hundreds of speakers tonight so if you have students please get there early and fill out the speakers form.

    Save Paul Walters!

  5. Wow must be nice… the good life in Anahiem hills …simply amazing…..
    But the city he manages is loading up with crime and medical marijauna shops in every corner
    WHAT A JOKE ……

  6. Almost forgot. There will be a conferance call of Promotores/Leaders who are bringing groups down to speak at 4:00PM today. Use the same access code as last time to join the call. See you all tonight! Santa Ana is a city worth saving and we must Save Paul Walters.

    Paul has always been there for us and now is our chance to stand up and save Paul.

  7. The word in the street is that mike harrah and pulido own a medical marijauna shop some in the city,,,,,wouldn’t doubt it..

    For all the exploited youth to be used as props tonight.
    If there is going to be an anti-Martinez demonstration outside the council chambers, please use extreme caution.
    The police horses are not to be petted!
    Mounted police officers can deem your actions as physical assaults upon the horse. This is a Felony.
    Can little children receive Felonies? Not sure.

  9. No worries Mateo. We are all well versed in the laws and the youth are being briefed on all aspects of the evenings activities. Good to add the horses to the 4PM Conference call with Promotores though. I didn’t know the mounted police were also going to be there to receive an award. We love our police officers even though the Union has backed the Gang of 5, the majority of rank and file officers support Paul Walters.
    Thanks for the suggestion.

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