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On Tuesday, 10/27/20 at approx. 9a.m., at the 1600 block of W. Borchard Ave., a few blocks west of Mater Dei High School, Santa Ana Public Works Staff was digging to repair a sidewalk and discovered some bones approximately 4 feet deep in the ground, according to the SAPD’s Twitter account.

The O.C. Sheriff Coroner responded and determined the bones that were located are in fact human.

SAPD Homicide Detectives were notified and responded to the scene to handle the investigation.

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11 thoughts on “Human bones found at a Santa Ana sidewalk repair job near Mater Dei High School”
  1. This was discovered over 5 blocks from Mater Dei. Your mention of that fine institution has absolutely has no relation to this story. You lack journalistic integrity.

    1. Helps with location for those familiar with the area as myself raised in Santa ana the location is clear and vivid in my mind, he didn’t speak negatively about the school just mentioned it? God bless you all jesus is the way the truth and the life no one can come to the father but through Him.!

  2. Pompous- or just obliviously ignorant…and I meant obliviously and NOT obviously. MAYBE the journalist reporting this story only mentioned the respectable high school because most of us who live within the of santa ana know where it’s located.
    i have no idea where the street is that’s got a sidewalk that’s getting repaired by santa ana public works staff… but because this story explains the remains were discovered about 5 blocks from the school, we all have a better understanding of where this horrific event happened. I mean, seriously, c’mon man!! it’s NOT like it’s something that happens every day…
    LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE; or just grow up. if not, spare us PLEASE.

    1. Exactly ..used as place marker everyone knows. Being bothered by this would be an individual being upset of the city it occurred in being mentioned. Or the streets because it upsets residence. It is news, out bothers some no matter what it is…but there’s the the First Amendment to the constitution of the United States of America. Wait that also allows freedom of Religon too, Right?

  3. Rest in paradise whoever it was he’s in a better place you shouldn’t bring water day high School down it has nothing to do with the school it’s a good Catholic School my sister-in-law went there she graduated from there it’s a good Catholic School it has nothing to do with it mayhem or her rest in peace you know

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