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According to Santa Ana’s Chief of Police and Acting City Manager, Paul Walters, the overall homicide totals from January 1st through December 31 decreased 59% from last year.  There were 29 homicides in 2010 and 12 in 2011.

In 2011, the number of gang related homicides decreased by 45%.   There were 11 gang-related homicides in 2010 and 6 in 2011.

In 2011, the number of non-specific homicides decreased by 66%.   There were 18 non-specific homicides in 2010 and 6 in 2011, during the same time period.

This is the lowest number of homicides in Santa Ana in over 30 years, while the population has increased significantly during the same time period.

Kudos to Walters, our Santa Ana Police Department, Mayor Miguel Pulido, Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez and our entire City Council for making the City of Santa Ana safer than ever!

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17 thoughts on “Homicides decreased in Santa Ana 59% over the past year!”
    1. Aren’t you a police officer? I thought I read that somewhere. If so can’t you carry a weapon anyway?

      As for my city, it is a lot safer than you think. For a big city we have a great safety record. Most of our detractors are just racists.

  1. I am a peace officer and, truth is, I don’t much go down to my local supermarket unarmed anymore (remember the guy at the Irvine Albertaons with the samurai sword?). I’m no racist but I can read the papers. Homicides may have gone down but gang activity, something I have firsthand knowledge of, is prevelant in Santa Ana, regardless of what Paul Walters would like to believe. And, just because I can, doesn’t mean I don’t support that right for all. Oh, and I’m no racist.

  2. I’m at the Memphis almost every Thursday night. That’s just one small part of Santa Ana. Go a few blocks West. An SAPD friend once told me the most dangerous part of SA was the 6Democrat’s square blocks around the police station. Oh, and, don’t they have a security guard at the art walk?

    1. Freudian slip? It sounds like your opinion of Santa Ana has been shaped by he mean-spirited Democrats who hang out at the Memphis on Thursday nights.

  3. “I am a peace officer and, truth is, I don’t much go down to my local supermarket unarmed anymore”……. Hmmmmmm

    How does arming yourself helps your paranoia?

    Do you see more or less shadows on the wall when you are armed?

    Lets assume that we are both in civilian outfit and both armed law abiding citizens and I see you have gun so my paranoia kick in and I believe that you will soot me.

    Can I shoot you first?…. or must I scream freeze first and then shoot you.

    You COPs are so sick that you will soot a guy with a water-hose-nozzle in his hand or 19 year old girl with kitchen knife 20′ away or mother in front of her child passing by at 15 m/h in the back of her head.

    I think that COPs shouldn’t carry any guns.

    The American COPs are really, really, really sick psychopaths.

  4. Feeling safe is just that…a feeling. If people don’t feel safe, then they will perceive the city as not safe. Just because deadly shootings are down, does not make a city safe. Hopefully we are going in the right direction and constantly improving- nothing turns overnight for either good or bad. We have a long ways to go before I feel safe. Tonight, I met a SAUSD elementary school teacher who said that he did not feel comfortable even having any cash on him or in his car because of the neighborhood his school is in…that is feeling not safe.

  5. Stanley, go pick a fight with one of your Republican boyfriends. I’m not interested, particularly since you didn’t read my post. I said I am a peace officer, not a cop. There are over 25 classifications of peace officer in the California penal code. I work for the second largest law enforcement agency in the county.

    I was a cop and I did not work for Fullerton PD. And, I could care less how you feel about cops. The vast majority, just like Catholic Priestsvand Kenmore repairken, are fine, hardworking people. However, regardless of how you feel about cops or KE personally, you might want to be standing next to me when shit hits the fan… since I shoot Expert on the range… oh yeah, and since our socialist sheriff probably won’t give you a CCW permit.

  6. I guess you can get use to the area that you live in.

    I have no problem walking or bike riding around any part of Santa Ana.

    But whatever is said, who cares? as long as it keep the High-Brows out of the city so the rest of us can live our happy lives without hose pride-full creeps messing things up.

  7. Cook,

    I agree with you in regards to not having a problem walking or riding a bike around any part of Santa Ana. The perception of our city is created by the Register and outsiders that don’t live here.

    Crime is down dramatically in our city, especially violent crime and the numbers prove that. Paul Walters and the SAPD have managed to do this despite having a larger population and less police officers.

    Kudos to the Chief, the men and women of the SAPD and the city leaders that give them the tools to get the job done.

  8. Cook &order Sean, I agree that we all tend to feel safe when in our own “comfort zone”. Aand, Sean, you do have a point about us outsoders looking in. But perception is a big issue if you are trying to get people to come to your city and spend money.

    Santa Ana PD is one of the finest police departments in the county, if not the state, despite being run by someone who should have stayed retired. Great training and a professional force that understands how to work effectively with a diverse community.

  9. “However, regardless of how you feel about cops or KE personally, you might want to be standing next to me when shit hits the fan… since I shoot Expert on the range… oh yeah, and since our socialist sheriff probably won’t give you a CCW permit.”…… Hmmmmm

    FYI Jeff, I have KGB training and would beat you in any range, that is for sure, Art has a picture of me in his archive while I am training for my upcoming competition, so he can post it if he wants.

    On the other hand, in the old communist Czechoslovakian’s Air Force we were allowed to purchase personal gun and carry.

    I have never purchased one because it caused more accidents than benefits.

    I have never took one when I was crossing the Iron Curtain because if I would shut some border guard I wold go to jail on the other side any way.

    As to standing next to you when shit hits the fan?…. obviously you haven’t clue about what you are talking about.

    I would never want to stand next to any cowboy during any showdown since the bullets are passing by right there.

    I would want to be as far from you as possible.

    However, I am in full support of the second amendment and your, or anyone else, right to carry.

    So when the real shit hits the fan, I will too get armed to defend myself, my family and my property, regardless of any socialist sheriff, because I would probably be defending myself against the socialists.

    I hope that you do understand that the second amendment was not written for purpose of hunting.

  10. Way to go Santa Ana PD and Chief Walters! Looks like that all-Latino city council isn’t so bad after all.

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