Mon. May 20th, 2024

The Orange County May Day Coalition presents:


A free training for community-based organizations, conducted by Lucero Chavez, esq.

Thursday, May 12, 6:30 to 8:30 pm
SEIU Office: 1200 North Main St. (at Washington), Ste. 900, Santa Ana

This training is designed to provide advocates with tools that have helped other communities carry out successful campaigns to change their city’s checkpoint and car impoundment policies. We will

  • review relevant cases and vehicle codes that provide the basis for the authority of the police to have checkpoints and impound cars,
  • identify ways to get information on current policies in your city,
  • look at how checkpoints are funded,
  • review key recommendations made in other cities,
  • review provisions of existing policies in other cities,
  • go over existing Know Your Rights information, and
  • review checkpoint observing tools and data collection strategies.

This invitation is extended to community-based organizations from diverse fields — including immigration, labor, faith, and criminal justice — interested in working change unjust vehicle impoundment policies in their communities. This training is not intended for the general public. This training is not open to government officials or members of the media.

Light refreshments provided. Space is limited.

LUCERO CHAVEZ is an immigrant rights attorney with the ACLU of Southern CA based in Orange County. The ACLU of Southern CA opened its Orange County satellite office in 2005. The ACLU is non-profit organization that focuses its resources on impact litigation as well as policy advocacy. As an immigrants rights attorney, Lucero focuses on informal and formal local enforcement of federal immigration laws. On the issue of car impoundments and checkpoints she has worked with PICO CA affiliates, bay area, central valley, and inland empire groups, as well as local communities. She is also a part of the statewide coalition of advocates pushing for legislative change on the car impoundment issue in Sacramento.

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6 thoughts on “Find out how to stop Santa Ana’s unjust towing of immigrants’ cars, on May 12”
  1. Pedroza, tell your buddy Harrah that I have heard people say that they went to O.G., I mean O. Mikes and tried to park at that place across the street and then they got towed. and then they said, I ain’t going back. You the Man. The city Council and the city Bosses need to analyze this issue. I know everybody thinks that the bottom dollar is all that matters, but in the end, it is reputation that matters. Si?

  2. You are getting lazy Admin! You are automatically accepting all of your comments without censorship? W.T.F.?

  3. What happened to your Downtown Inc. logo? If they do not support New Santa Ana, Well F. Them! I’ll send you a check for $100.00. Sh*t man, I am a Santa Ana Artist?


  5. Step one: Become a legal citizen.
    Step two: Park where you want to park.

    I think that if you have nothing to hide, then you shouldn’t worry. Illegal immigrants shouldn’t be driving to begin with. Insurance carried by an Illegal Immigrant, if any, is usually minimal and doesn’t cover major incidents. I’ve been hit twice by illegal immigrants who weren’t covered. One pleaded not to get the police involved and gave me cash to fix my bumper (which wasn’t enough) and the other got sent to jail. Good riddance, because I ended up paying my $500 deductible to fix my car…which was caused by him.

    Just because you came here illegally does not give you the right to abuse our system. If you pay taxes, including road taxes, and are a legal US citizen, then be sure to pay your tickets, and keep up on your tags and registration. Otherwise, take the bus, get a bike, or kick rocks.

    Why on earth should we allow illegal immigrants to own cars? If they have kids and need to provide for them then I know it’s tough to make that call, but illegal is illegal, and because of their parents choice, the kids have to pay too. I’m all for giving Illegal Immigrants their human rights, but not my money. We have a right to an education, health care, housing, food, water, and clothing. But those rights are for tax payers, and their family.

    Pay up or shut up.

  6. S.A CITIZEN great points these latino activist have no idea what the word illegal means or law breaker . just think i am going to toss my registration card away and hang out drunk in s.a ..with a hispanic last name and their way of thinking my car cant gwt towed and i cant be pulled over at a stop for drunk driving . what stupid nosense .

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