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SANTA ANA, Ca. (December 11, 2020): Please see the statement below from Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes.

“We have received an order from the court in a case regarding COVID-19 in the Orange County jails. The order mandates a significant reduction of the jail’s inmate population. We are evaluating the order, its impacts and our options for appeal. If the order stands, it will result in the release of more than 1,800 inmates. Many of these inmates are in pre-trial status for, or have been convicted of, violent crimes and will be released back into the community. This order puts our community at substantial risk and does not take into account the impact on the victims of these crimes.”

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One thought on “Court orders over 1,800 inmates to be released from O.C. jails due to COVID-19”
  1. Back in March they released inmates. Several of them are rapist. One of them went back to jail for breaking into a home and raping a women the next day he got released. Did they not learn anything from that ? This is just a get out of jail free card for these inmates. THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. go back to your little room and think about another solution. Cops / sheriffs = idiots.

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