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Homeless in Orange County

Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Karen Roper (714) 480-2805, cell (714) 423-8315


November 25, 2009

(Santa Ana, CA) – The County of Orange announces the December 1, 2009 opening of the Cold Weather Armory Emergency Shelter Program, the seasonal program that provides up to 400 beds for the homeless. The program provides shelter along with a nutritious meal, warm shower, safe place to sleep, warm clothes, a wide variety of supportive services, and a friendly and safe atmosphere. The shelters will be located at the National Guard Armories in Fullerton and Santa Ana (address information attached).

The Cold Weather Armory Emergency Shelter Program is a vital link in our community’s efforts to take care of those who lack proper shelter at night and to provide needed services to the homeless. The Cold Weather Armory Emergency Shelter Program is possible due to the help of hundreds of volunteers from County agencies, churches, and other community groups.

In addition, the following agencies provide on-site services aimed at breaking the cycle of homelessness and moving homeless individuals to self-sufficiency and independent living: Orange County Health Care Agency, Orange County Social Services Agency, Veteran’s First, Veteran’s Administration, Serving People In Need, Mental Health Association of Orange County, Public Law Center, Orange County Rescue Mission, 2-1-1 Orange County, and many others. Donations from other non-profit organizations, churches, and individuals add to the available resources to make this program a success. The program is operated by Mercy House through a contract with the County of Orange, OC Community Services.
“This program is the epitome of a highly successful public/private partnership”, stated Karen Roper, Director of OC Community Services. “It is one more action that the County of Orange and our partners are taking to provide needed assistance to our residents.”

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Attachment: 2009-2010 Program Flyer

Orange County Cold Weather Shelter Program 2009 – 2010


The Orange County Cold Weather Armory Emergency Shelter program provides up to 400 beds per night for the homeless at the National Guard Armories in Fullerton and Santa Ana. The homeless will receive a nutritious meal, a warm shower and a safe place to sleep. Volunteers will pass out donations of warm clothing and Service Providers from Orange County will be onsite to provide needed services.
DATES: The opening date is December 1, 2009


Santa Ana Armory – 612 East Warner (Warner / Main)
Fullerton Armory – 400 South Brookhurst (Brookhurst / Valencia)
BUS PICK UP LOCATIONS: (There will be pick-up at these sites on dark nights)
Fullerton: Santa Ana:
Pick Up #1 5:00PM Pick-Up #1 5:00PM
N. La Palma Park Way & Swan, Anaheim Flower & Civic Center – near
[Inside Fenced Parking Lot] 6th Street, Santa Ana
Across from La Palma Park Stadium
Pick Up #2 5:30PM
Former Orange County Rescue Mission Shelter
1901 N. Walnut, Santa Ana


The National Guard Armories are not available for use a few nights per month. On these “dark nights”, clients will be sheltered at alternate sites.

For more information, please contact:
Michael Escarcida at
James Brooks at
For more information, please contact:
Michael Escarcida at or
James Brooks at

ARMORY Wish List

Mercy House is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to be the leader in ending homelessness by providing a unique system of dignified housing alternatives, programs, and supportive services.

The Armory program provides up to 400 beds per night for the homeless in Fullerton and Santa Ana.

For Individuals & Families:


Shampoo & Conditioner
Laundry Detergent
Purell Hand Sanitzer
Diapers (4-6)
Baby Wipes
Razors & Shaving Cream
Combs & Hair Brushes
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Dental Floss & Mouthwash
Band Aids
Body Lotion
Feminine Hygiene Products


T-Shirts (L ,XL, XXL)
Sweatshirts (L, XL, XXL)
New Undergarments
(in packaging)
Warm Clothing (men, women &
children sizes)
Snack Foods
Dry Foods
Health Bars
Sack Lunches/Breakfast

Attachment: 2009-2010 Program Flyer

Karen Roper, Director
OC Community Services
1770 N. Broadway Santa Ana, CA 92706 (714) 480-2900 Fax (714) 480-2803
1300 S. Grand Avenue, Bldg. B Santa Ana, CA 92705 (714) 567-7420 Fax (714) 834-6870

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8 thoughts on “County cold weather homeless shelters open”
  1. Hi, we have items to donate to the womens shelter. I am not that good at finding stuff on the web. We just need an address, so we can bring things to the shelter. Please e-mail us with an address in Santa Ana, where I grew up as a child myself and was also an abused child. We have women’s clothing and toiletries to donate. Thanks very much. phone number is 714-318-5239. My wife is also a retired RN that dealt with Phych patients and would be glad to help out if needed. We are retired and do lots of travels but would like to help out where needed. Our time is limited due to travels and family but want to know what we can do to just HELP. Thanks for your attention, Edward & Joy Bader.

  2. Hello. I am very much interested in volunteering at any of your facilities. I am studying for my Bachelor’s in Human Services, and I am anxious to get started, get in the field and offer my services where needed. I would like to put together some “care packages” with the items listed on your “Wish List”. Please contact me ASAP. I do work full-time, but I would imagine that people need services 24-7… I will await your response.
    Tawny. 562-331-9503

  3. I am looking for a great organization to volunteer for on Thanksgiving day, preferrably in Santa Ana.

    Please let me know where I can volunteer .


  4. Hello I am interested in volunteering a couple of days out of the month. My contact numver is 708-539-5988. Thanks

  5. I would just like to if you release the names of people that stay at your armory in Santa Ana? I just would not feel comfortable knowing you give my information out to anybody who requests the information. Its just not information I would like people to have, you might understand.

    Thank you,


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