Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023


Sacramento, CA – Today, The Senate Committee on Education approved Senate Bill (SB) 141, authored by State Senator Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana). This measure restores access to California colleges, universities and scholarships for young U.S. citizens, who are forced to live abroad as a result of their parents’ deportation.

“This was an important victory for young aspiring college students. SB 141 would allow U.S. born children forced out of the country, at no fault of their own, to pursue the American Dream and get a quality education,” said Correa.

Under current law, when parent is deported, their U.S born children who typically move abroad with their families, lose eligibility for in-state tuition to California institutions of higher education.

SB 141 would exempt qualified students living abroad from paying nonresident tuition at the University of California, California State Universities and California Community Colleges.

To qualify for a tuition exemption under SB 141 students must meet a strong set eligibility requirements that include being a U.S. citizen, moving abroad as the result of a parents deportation and attendance at a California secondary school for 3 or more years.

“With deportations reaching record numbers, I want to make sure these children have the support and resources needed to achieve their version of the American Dream. SB 141 gives these children a reason to return and pathway back into the country,” he added.

SB 141 received 8 votes in support and 0 votes in opposition. SB 141 now will be sent to Senate Appropriations Committee for further action.

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