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On 09-07-20, between the hours of 9:30 AM and 1:50 PM, a commercial burglary occurred at a business in Fountain Valley.

The Fountain Valley Police Department (FVPD) investigated the burglary and determined an unknown suspect had used a pry tool to force entry into the closed business. Once inside, the suspect rummaged through the interior and stole property, including two I-pads.

On 09-07-20 at approximately 3:30 PM, a concerned citizen called FVPD to report a suspicious subject who was looking into vehicles in the parking lot of a Hotel in Fountain Valley.

FVPD Officers arrived on scene and located Ricardo Altamirano, a 27 year old resident of San Jacinto, as he was hiding in some bushes. A records check of Altamirano revealed he had numerous prior arrests and convictions for theft and narcotics related offenses. A search of Altamirano’s property revealed he was in possession of burglary tools and two I-pads.

FVPD Officers conferred with Detectives, Police Services Officers, the victim, the citizen who called FVPD and reviewed the physical evidence and confirmed the two I-pads in Altamirano’s possession were the I-pads stolen hours earlier and the burglary tools in his possession were the same tools used during the commission of that crime.

Altamirano was arrested for PC 459-Burglary, PC 466-Possession of burglary tools, and PC 496(a)-Possession of stolen property. FVPD returned the stolen property to the burglary victims and booked Altamirano into Orange County Jail.

The FVPD is thankful for our strong community partnership and specifically to the citizen who reported this suspicious subject. This arrest and investigation serves as a great reminder “if you see something, say something.” (20-29412)

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