Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Little did Santa Ana Ward 3 candidate Shane Ramon Barrows know when he sent us an op-ed about the SAPD and the city budget that it would become our top post today, but that is exactly what happened.

Now we would like to extend this opportunity to any political candidate running for office here in Santa Ana.  Send us your opinion articles and accompanying graphics and we will post them, without any editorial comment.

This offer is available to any political candidate running for office in Santa Ana – even if you are not a candidate I am supporting.

Feel free to ignore this offer but know that we average 1,500 views daily.  Can  you really afford to say no to that kind of exposure?

Send your articles to us at this link.  Or don’t.  It is up to you!  Major free publicity is awaiting you…

By Editor

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One thought on “Attn: Santa Ana candidates, send us your op-eds and we’ll post them!”
  1. That will hard for David because you block out bad words, maybe you consider an exception so he could describe his experience “dealing” with female co-workers.

    Then again, he’ll have his hacks like Yanez keep shilling, while he talks about his “family” dog.

    I bet if you asked Emily, to point to the family dog, she wouldn’t point at a labrodor.

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