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The June 5 Open Primary Election is coming up quickly. As is my custom, I like to present my personal election picks – with my comments of course. We’ll start with the U.S. Congress:

U.S. Senate – I have never been a fan of Senator Dianne Feinsten, but the GOP has never been able to displace her.  I suspect they will fail again this year, but I am going to endorse Elizabeth Emken and hope for the best.  I like her focus on cutting government waste.  And she is a parent of a child with autism – a subject she speaks about with authority.  She is also a UCLA grad which I can appreciate as my oldest son is a freshman at UCLA this year.

39th Congressional District – There is no way I could ever support the useless Ed Royce. Consider how many awful local candidates he has supported over the years – including the three Fullerton City Council Members who are facing a recall. Royce is opposed by D’Marie Mulattieri, who is running with “no party preference.” You may recall that she played a big role in the Orange County Occupy movement, which went nowhere but kudos to her for trying. I do love her campaign slogan, “Socially Progressive, Fiscally Conservative.” I agree! She is my pick for the 39th Congressional District.

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6 thoughts on “Art Pedroza’s picks for the June 5, 2012 Primary Election”
  1. That sounds great. Perhaps you could visit the various election night parties and give us photo, video, and written reactions from the candidates. If Ms. Martinez does not win I hope they will allow her to be Vice Mayor and put her on the Orange County Water Board. She deserves that for running and now that Councilmember Alvarez is leaving.

  2. I agree with Mr. Boiface VIII, these posts help me when I go to vote.

    Art, do you know why Brian Conneley resigned from the Rancho Santiago college board?
    Will we be able to vote on who to replace him on Tuesday? I wish you would run Art. Our kids need you.

  3. What a quitter! Connely signed up for a full term and ought to finish it! I guess he must have maxed out his retirement and lifetime medical so doesn’t need the meetings anymore. Looks like Mark McGlaughlin has a clear path to Victory now in November since he and Connely would have had to run against each other with the new boundries.

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