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As I have been predicting for some time, Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez is running for the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Area 5, which includes (as per the OC Political blog):

  • Fountain Valley north of Edinger Avenue
  • Garden Grove south of Garden Grove Boulevard between Harbor Boulevard and Euclid Street
  • Santa Ana north of 17th Street and west of Santiago Street
  • Santa Ana between Euclid Street and the Santa Ana River
  • Santa Ana north of Civic Center Drive between Bristol Street and Flower Street

McLoughlin and Chapel are of course toast.  Area 5’s voters break down like this – 33% are Latino, 27% are Asian and presumably the balance are white (41%.)  But Chapel and McLoughlin are going to split the white vote.  That should put Alvarez in the catbird seat.

Of course there is more to it than race.  The Republican bloggers at the OC Political blog agreed that Alvarez has a distinct advantage, based on these factors:

  • City Councilmembers’ general ability to unseat school board members
  • The pro-incumbent vote is split between Chapel and McLoughlin
  • She is the sole woman
  • She is the sole Latina
  • She has higher name ID, due to her Council seat and her 2006 bid for Assembly (she lost the primary to Jose Solorio, who incidentally is now running for RSCCD Trustee Area 1)
  • She has the largest warchest

Alvarez has always won by huge margins, as a City Council candidate.  I have no doubt that she will win and do so easily in November, much to her detractors’ chagrin.  She certainly has my vote.  McLoughlin disappointed me when he opposed the completion of the Santa Ana Creek bike trail, which runs by his neighborhood.  There should be no room for NIMBY’s on the RSCCD Board.

As for Chapel, he is a far-left tax and spender.  No thanks.

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23 thoughts on “Alvarez to run against Chapel and McLoughlin for the Rancho Board’s Area 5”
  1. I thought Alvarez was primed to launch the People’s Revolution, and instead she wants to decide what the schools are going to serve in the cafeteria? That’s like me saying that I am going to go to work now cleaning Admin’s backyard pool.

  2. “McLoughlin and Chapel are of course toast”……. Hmmmmmm

    Well I think that you are wrong. Assuming that voters are informed they can never vote for Alvarez.

    May be she is as lucky as was Rocco.

  3. She’s not very pretty and wears grandma shoes, but I do believe she can beat the boys in this election.


  4. I think it’s hilarious that she’s running for office and you know she’s doing it because she’s a big baby. What an f-ing control freak. What would be really funny is if she lost and she very easily might. People just don’t like her.

  5. Art, I’m not sure why you repeatedly presume people will only vote for their own race. Chapel and McLoughlin will split the white vote? Really? I haven’t yet decided who I’ll vote for in this race, but I frequently vote outside my race, and I shudder to think the people of Santa Ana go to the polls and vote based on which shade of skin hue most closely matches their own. Is this what you do, Art? I hope not!

    1. You and I are not representative of the typical voters in our city. If you look at the voter behavior over the years you will see that Latinos often do not even vote, sad to say. I doubt either of us have ever missed an election!

      Do people vote based on race? Some do – it depends on how informed they are. I work hard to keep folks informed but frankly this is a difficult community to reach.

      Ballot titles are important too – and Alvarez has a better one than the two incumbents.

      As for how I vote, that is public record. I always post my picks in every election. Here are my June primary picks:

      I believe you are a Green Party member? I am a registered Libertarian. But I vote for the candidates, not the party. And I vote for folks from every background. Generally I will not however vote for any candidates who have racist views.

      1. Admin, do you think Alvarez get’s many votes from her supporters that are not suppose to be voting? Yes, that’s an honest and fair question and nothing racist about it. I suspect (I have now evidence, it’s just my suspicion) that many mexican’s that run for office in Santa Ana pander to illegal aliens and gets them to register to vote for them. Do you agree with that? Why?

  6. “Art, I’m not sure why you repeatedly presume people will only vote for their own race”…….. Hmmmmmmm

    Because Art is closeted Mexican National Socialist(“Nazi”).

    1. Sigh. There are no NAZIs in Mexico but they took over YOUR homeland once upon a time, didn’t they?

      When voters are uninformed they will vote for names that sound familiar, for titles that seem fit to the job, and sometimes they will just vote against the incumbents.

      Latinos have few reasons to vote for Chapel or McLoughlin. Alvarez should beat them easily.

  7. “There are no NAZIs in Mexico”……. Hmmmmmm

    Obviously you do not understand Naziism becaus you are brainwashed by Jewish propaganda and believe that Nazi is only a German National with svastica on his left arm read arm band.

    When Presidente Mr. Calderón, stated: “I have said that Mexico does not stop at its border, that wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico,” he said. “And, for this reason, the government action on behalf of our countrymen is guided by principles, for the defense and protection of their rights.” Where there is a Mexican there is the Mexico

    He made a classical NAZI statement!

    1. Mexico rejected the Nazis and supported the US during WWII. That is a fact. Your country got run over by the Nazis. That is a fact too.

      1. Obviously you are not able to comprehend Naziism and falsely believe that it is only confined to WWII era and Germany.

        Spain was Nazi state under Francisco Franco until his death in November 20, 1975.

        Its like saying that socialism, communism and bolshevism existed only in the old Soviet Union.

        Is there Socialism in Mexico?………….. Yes!
        Is Calderón’s statement Nationalistic?….. Yes!

        Therefore, Calderón’s speech is Nazi speech same as Hitler claiming Sudetenland just because there were Germans living there who never assimilated like Mexicans here.

        Since you are hang up on WWII era, I will modify my statement by saying that you “closeted Mexican Neo-Nazi” because you do not respect USA right to self determination and believe that Mexicans should have more rights that USA citizens….. and they do!

        That is Naziism!

  8. “Today’s Nazis are still white guys, and they sound a lot like you…”……. Hmmmmm

    Except for brown La Raza and Black Panthers.

    You sound like Grag “Golem” Diamond and the alcoholic Vern “Gröfaz” Nelson.

    And you want to be on the board of SAUSD?

    So what will be your curriculum? The border jumped Mexicans instead the Mexicans jumped border.

    I think that you should get out of closet and announce that you are Mexican Neo-Nazi La Raza.

    1. Unless you are a Native American then you or your ancestors came here from somewhere else. This is a nation of immigrants. As an immigrant yourself you ought to understand that. Your continued xenophobia and racism reflect poorly on you.

  9. “hating on other immigrants”……. Hmmmmm

    There is noting I can’t do about your left liberal “hate” stigmatization crapola.

    Golem Diamond would say antisemitic + hate.

    1. That happens every time we start wars. It happened after Vietnam and the fall of Cuba. It will happen again when we leave Afghanistan.

      Mexico’s drug war was our fault and 60,000 Mexicans paid the price. When will the US own up to that?

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