Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Yesterday, two people were arrested at a Walmart in Irvine for narcotics possession. A puppy inside their car was exposed to fentanyl and the pup began to show signs of an overdose.

The responding Irvine police officers gave the dog a dose of Narcan, and she immediately began to recover. A police officer then quickly transported the dog to an emergency veterinarian for treatment.

The puppy fully recovered, and the Irvine Animal Services Unit took possession of her.

Caleb Aaron Gibson, 29, of San Juan Capistrano, and Katherine Marylou Menke, 27, of Santa Ana, were arrested.

We have asked the DA to charge the pair with felony animal cruelty and possession of narcotics. We thank the officers for their swift actions.

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2 thoughts on “A pair were arrested after exposing their puppy to Fentanyl, in Irvine”
  1. This seems completely fake. It says that they “exposed” the puppy to fentanyl. That sounds really vague, it doesn’t sound like they actually gave the dog drugs. It’s impossible to absorb fentanyl through your skin and drug addicts aren’t exactly known for giving drugs away to anyone let alone a dog.

    1. Our assumption is that they were ingesting drugs in their vehicle and that is how the pup was exposed. You are correct that he would have had to breathe it in. As folks usually take pills it is odd that the drug material would have become aerosolized. There is probably more to this story than the police divulged.

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