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A little girl, age 8, was injured by a bullet insider her home in Anaheim on Wednesday night, just after 11 p.m.

The Anaheim Police believe the victim was injured by gang-related gunfire. The incident happened at a residence at the 300 block of E Valencia.

Fortunately the girl survived with non-life threatening injuries.

The girl’s parents were also inside the home when the shooting happened however they were not injured.

The police are not sure who the shooter might have been targeting.

There is no information available yet regarding a suspect or suspects.

The incident remains under investigation by the Anaheim Police.

You can call the Anaheim Police if you have a tip about the shooter at (714) 765-1997 or click here to file an online report. You may also submit a tip anonymously to the OC Crime Stoppers at 1-855-847-6227 or click here to do so online.

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One thought on “A little girl was injured by gunfire while at her home in Anaheim”
  1. Guinida Lane’s brothers and sisters of the main heads we threw out of Anaheim 7 years ago growing up gangbanging repeating the cycle of shooting illegal firearms to mark territory. Part of council member Jose Moreno’s plan to win back territory he thinks he lost in the war of 1812. Criminal street gangs on Pauline St, Anna Dr, Citron, Guinida Lane, Wakefield and now Valencia. It’s like Isis in Iraq except no one on the city council in Anaheim shows any leadership to end the madness. At least Anaheim Swat had the leadership to remove Santa Ana Council member Hernandez’ cousin from Anaheim. Thank God for that!

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