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While working a STEARRD (Street Racing Enforcement) program, SAPD police officers responded to a report of street racers in the area of Columbine Ave & Majestic Dr., on Sep. 5.

The police officers observed a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro doing donuts in the intersection. The Camaro fled when officers arrived; however, with the assistance of our allied agencies, the vehicle was located and stopped in the City of Irvine.

SAPD officers responded to the location of the traffic stop and arrested the driver, Jaimiez Valdez, 24-years-old, for reckless driving. She was booked into the Santa Ana Jail and the vehicle was impounded.

SAPD has a zero tolerance policy for reckless driving/street racing and have made this issue our top priority. This is part of the multi-pronged strategy by the city of Santa Ana to combat this serious problem. These activities have proven to be deadly and they pose a clear and present threat to the public safety on our streets.

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12 thoughts on “A 24-year-old woman was arrested for street racing in Santa Ana”
  1. These “wannabe” amateurs that have ZERO racing credentials don’t realize the real training that goes into the rules of racing and the safety that must be adhered to. The are tracks for racing… use them. Get trained. So, i applaud SAPD in their efforts to curtail and punish dangerous drivers and their lack of training and safety.

  2. Hey,way to go SAPD, keep on plugg-in. I’m really getting sick and tired of hearing these street racers or wanna be noise makers goi ng up and down 1st St from harbor all night long. They must think it’s some kinda drag strip, last time I checked that was in Pomona. Right! Thanks again a concerned citizen

  3. That area is known for car meets but it wasn’t even on the list of “ worse intersections “. Why?

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