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Kevin O'Rourke, Temp City Manager
Santa Ana Temp City Manager Kevin O’Rourke

City of Santa Ana, Downtown Orange County

Community: Santa Ana City Council Seeks Public Input at Community Meetings for City Manager Recruitment Process

SANTA ANA, CA – (April 18, 2013) – Under City Council direction, Santa Ana Interim City Manager Kevin O’Rourke has arranged two separate community input meetings so residents can voice their expectations to City Council members regarding the City Manager recruitment and selection process.

Take advantage of this important phase and let your voice be heard. The meetings are scheduled as follows:

Thursday, May 2, 2013 at 6 p.m.
Delhi Community Center
505 E. Central Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92707
(714) 481-9600

Saturday, May 4, 2013 at 10 a.m.
Southwest Senior Center
2201 W. McFadden Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 647-5306

If you cannot make either of the two meetings, you can still participate in the process by completing the online surveys in English and Spanish by following the below links.

English –

Spanish –

For additional details, please contact PIO Jose Gonzalez at To receive automatic updates regarding the city manager recruitment and selection process, please sign up to receive Nixle alerts at

Follow the process on Facebook and Twitter:!/pages/City-of-Santa-Ana/200089073336831


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6 thoughts on “Will you go to a meeting about “the City Manager recruitment process?””
  1. Art, cant you see that this is a total fraud?

    Same as the prior Walters’ appointment scam for Manager pro tem?…. only to fire him later?….. and I have warned you in advance about it?

    In my email to the council, published here in the NSA, I have clearly stated that I am the best choice and they even not responded to me by saying: “for sure!”.

    IMO Atr, regardless of my additional submission to the management cc to you, I have no hope for the Santa Ana government.

    Do you?

    Please elaborate, and omit the usual politically correct crapola.

      1. “Our Council is a dysfunctional train wreck”….. Hmmmmm

        You sound like the Santa Ana Oracle Art!

        Meaning, your statement can be interpreted in 1000006 ways.

        We need to form a secret Santa Ana Society.

        Is it possible these days?

        Anyway, I masking anyone to join me in Gypsy Den 2930 Bristol St Costa Mesa, CA 92626 at 7:00 PM every Friday starting from today. It is BYOB.

        The location was selected because it is not in the reach of the Chief Rojas’s SAPD13 death squad so you may survive the the meetings.

  2. Fiala, you stupid bung hole. Santa Ana secret society to take place in Santa Ana not Cost Mesa! Fauxhemian Alcoholic.
    SAPD 13 Death Squad does is not afraid of Costa Mesa Gypsy Den. All they have to do is call Costa Mesa 1.3 squad to give Fiala escort home.

    1. “Fauxhemian Alcoholic”……….. Hmmmmmmmm

      Did you played again with you plaster of paris Teo?

      What you do not know is, what the secret numero 13 means.

      FYI, the Costa Mesa 1.3 squad does not cooperates with the SAPD13 and in fact considers them gangsters.

      One think you should learn you snob:

      If you want to form a secret society publish it because no one will believe you — the people are stupid — aka reverse psychology.

      Try it! Go and tell someone that Fiala has secret society meetings in the Costa Mesa Gypsy Den and they will think that you are a nut case…… which wouldn’t be to far from the truth.

      Any way stop by.

  3. I Will!

    I am a college student.

    I speak for the NEW GENERATION.

    We have a lot to say about the future of Santa Ana and the financial well being of the city!

    We are moving FORWARD.

    Just kidding….I am just hijacking a fake name used by Art Lomeli and company. It just doesn’t bode too well for Benavide’s when his “grassroots” supporters are property owners who live in Orange Park Acres and Newport Beach.

    Nearer the coast Pablo should be called Newport B!tch”!

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