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There are three Democrats vying for the 69th Assembly District.  Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez is leading the pack – and she has had her campaign website up for some time.  Labor consultant Julio Perez has never run for anything before, but he has a website up too.

But what is up with Orange County Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly?  He does NOT have a campaign website.  Why is that?  He has raised thousands of dollars, but can’t even put up a simple website?  Could it be that he doesn’t want us to know more about him?  Or maybe he would rather not admit what his agenda is?

Fortunately we have covered Daly from every conceivable angle. And guess what?  When you search on Google for “Tom Daly for Assembly,” here is what you will find as the top search results:

  1. Tom Daly | New Santa Ana 

    Alexa Traffic Rank for

    One of the many lies being advanced by the hacks who want Orange County Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly to run for the 69th Assembly District is that he will 

  2. Santa Ana Political Chismes: Tom Daly to run for the 69th A.D. | New  

    Alexa Traffic Rank for…/santa-ana-political-chismes-tomdaly-to-run-for-…

    Aug 10, 2011 – The chisme has it that Orange County Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly is going to run for the 69th Assembly District, a seat currently held by 

  3. Tom Daly is a threat to Latinos in the 69th Assembly District | New  

    Alexa Traffic Rank for…/tomdaly-is-a-threat-to-latinos-in-the-69th-assem

    Oct 20, 2011 – Tom Daly is a threat to Latinos in the 69th Assembly District.

  4. Who is Tom Daly? | New Santa Ana 

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    Oct 11, 2011 – I first asked the question, “Who is Tom Daly,” back in March of 2009, on the Orange Juice blog. Now that Daly is running for the 69th Assembly 

Oh my…

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3 thoughts on “Why doesn’t 69th Assembly candidate Tom Daly have a campaign website yet?”
  1. Tom Daly is raising money for the Clerk Recorder race. Think about it Admin the guy can’t raise money if he is running for the Clerk Recorder. He lies and once he raise some money he will quit he Assembly race and transfer the funds to the Clerk Recorder funds. Look at his last race for Supervisor. Check the record once he drop out he couldn’t raise any money.

  2. With all the new endorsemens for Michelle from the Latino Caucus members it’s hard to imagine Daly actually going through with a run for the 69th Assembly District.

    But if he decides to run I hope Amosca and his clowns endorse Daly. Amosca and his clowns are the kiss of death.


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