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It is hard to believe that the Santa Ana Unified School District’s Board of Education, which consists of five Trustees,  includes only one woman – longtime Trustee Audrey Noji.  Or that the Santa Ana City Council only has two women – Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez and Council Member Michele Martinez.  After November that number will be down to one, as Alvarez is termed out.  There are five men on the Santa Ana City Council.

What is up with that?  Figure that over half of our electorate must be made up of women.  Are they voting?  Are they voting for men?  Are there not enough women running for office in Santa Ana?

Well you can’t say that this year.  There are several women running for the Santa Ana City Council.  Karina Onofre is running for Ward 5.  Estela Amezcua is running for Ward 1.  Angelica Amezcua is running for Ward 3.  And Lupe Moreno is running for Mayor of Santa Ana.

There are also three women running for one open seat on the SAUSD School Board, including Valerie Amezcua, who lost when she last ran four years ago; former independent Congressional candidate Ceci Iglesias; and social worker Myriam Tinajero. One of them is going to win, but which one?

I ran into Council Member Martinez a few weeks ago and she told me that a book she read informed her that Latinas won’t vote for women.  They like to vote for men.  Now I think that is rather condescending but Martinez was pretty hyped about it.  In her mind it explained why she lost badly in the June primary, when several male candidates mixed it up with her, for the 69th Assembly District.  Martinez lost badly.

The success of Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, and her sister Linda, argues against the theory espoused by Martinez.  Women can win and Latinas will vote for them – but they won’t vote for every woman on the ballot.  They vote every two years for the Sanchez sisters but they rejected Martinez and will so again in two years…

So can women win in Santa Ana?  Not if you don’t vote for them!  And certainly not if they are too liberal.  I will be voting for Onofre and Tinajero, and for the Amezcua sister running in Ward 1.  What about you?

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16 thoughts on “Why aren’t there more women elected in Santa Ana?”
  1. The United Artists of S.A. have women as President and Vice president. It’s all very “Progressive”. I am good friends with them but I know how to sit my butt down and stay out of their kitchen when they are cooking.

  2. Exalente post ! One of the byproducts of an all Latino City Council is a “Machista” mentality that wants to keep women in traditional homemaking roles (cleaning, cooking, “Other services” etc) Ask the victims of Carlos Bustamante how he felt about women) The only way for the women of Santa Ana to change this is to vote for progressive women in each and every race in Santa Ana this year. Thank you Art for caring about women’s issues.

  3. I will be voting for Cecilia “Ceci” Iglesias for
    Santa Ana School Board and Karina Onofre for City council. Tinajero is too liberal. If she is anything like her brother, She is no Bueno..

    Art, you know Ceci is the Best choice for School Board. Just make peace with her. She will represent us well. I know she will make the best decisions which will be in the Best Interest for our Students- PUT STUDENTS FIRST!!!

  4. I don’t agree with any of the Republicans position on women’s right. They have fought against a women’s right to choose. They fought to give women equal pay for equal work.

    You have Todd Akin defining what is a “legitimate rape”

    I think Ms. Onofre should explain why she is running as a Republican. There are many issues at stake besides the economy. I think she would have had a better chance if she ran as an independent.

    I question her judgement when she chose to run as a Republican. Women need strong women leaders not women who would do anything to get the vote.

    Maybe Ms. Onofre can take a stand and give us more details on where she stands on women’s rights. She seems to have some good ideas, would love to hear her stand on Women’s right to choose and how she will be able to stand against her own party platform.

    Women vote for women when they represent them. Specially now.

  5. Women do have the right to choose.

    Some choose “LIFE”. I choose “LIFE” !!!! Neither Mr. Akin or anybody can tell you what to do with your Body. Rape is a sensitive issue. That is more the Exception than the RULE… If in that circumstance, that should be left to the Women and her family and her relationship with God.

    What conservative women don’t appreciate is for liberal Women that want to use the right to choose “ABORTION” as a method of birth control.. That is morally wrong..

    All Women have the right to choose. I encourage everyone to choose “LIFE”.

    1. Vote For Cecilia Iglesias:

      What is your position on the abuse of women namely Carlos Bustaontes vicims?

      Wha about the young Girl that David Benavide’s ceated on his wife with?

      Since David is a devout Cristan, if his “victim” were to be imprgnated should she hav the opportunity to abort the baby?

      Suppose this girl was a “willing participant”, but was infected with Syphillis and he brought that desiese home to his wife Emilywhich would explain the moveto Orange), had sex with her and she became prgnant with a retarted child, would she be within her rights to consider abortion?

      What if David’s YOUNG MISTRESS was hit b an OCTA but, while walking to Planned Parenthood and killed, would she and the unborn still go to heaven?

      So who gats to pick? You, NEWSONG? Who?

  6. If Cecilia Fan Club member was raped by the Jaba the Hut character (photographed on the next page and post) I wonder if it would be immoral to abort the rape embryo byproduct? That dude looks very fertile and powerful and carries a special lode of all kinds of extra hormones. Dang. Try hanging out with him at a government sponsored parenting class. Or don’t hang out with him at a parenting class and just have him stalk you and your newborn all through out those precious school years.

    1. Mateo,

      I will not take your your absurd comparison of the rape. But just imagine if you were the one that was not given that opportunity to live. Imagine your mother thought you were not worthy to be given the opportunity to live and she ABORTED you?

      Rape is a serious crime!!! Just the fact that you want Cecilia’s fan club to be raped is criminal..

      Art, I am surprised and dissapointed that you allowed Mateo’s comment to be posted. I thought your blog created healthy dialogue to allow the citizens of Santa Ana to have a place to find facts and not vicious attack on people.

        1. Well both you and Mateo have issues..

          This is the last time I will participate in your conversations. Not worth my time!!!!!

          May God Bless you Both!!!!

    2. “If Cecilia Fan Club member was raped by the Jaba the Hut character (…) I wonder if it would be immoral to abort the rape embryo byproduct?”…….. Hmmmmmmm

      Absolutely not.

      There are some Jaba the Hut commenters, which I can’t name, who wouldn’t otherwise not disseminate their slime here.

  7. “Why aren’t there more women elected in Santa Ana?”……….. Hmmmmmm

    I always sense some affirmative action from your articles.

    Did ever occurred to you that a right woman for the job simply did not step up to claim it?

    Most of the Santa Ana female candidates are typical loud fat Latinas lacking any charisma, including IQ to govern and are offspring of their politically failed parents.

    I think we can live without that until someone intelligent MILF like Sarah Palin comes around.

  8. Karina Onofre is simply put, the best, most solid female candidate to run for public office in Santa Ana in a long time. Onofre has our vote!

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