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Stop by Calacas tomorrow and say hi to Rudy and Jackie!

President Barack Obama is urging Americans to shop at local businesses this Saturday, which is the annual Small Business Saturday.  So which Santa Ana small businesses do you plan to shop at?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Calacas  – Not only can you start your shopping there, at the new Calacas Cafe, but you can also pick up all kinds of neat stuff at their store.  You won’t find another store like it in Orange County!  They are located at 324 W 4th St #B, in downtown Santa Ana.
  • The Road Less Traveled – For over 5 years Road Less Traveled has supplied Orange County & greater Southern California with non-toxic, green and fair trade goods.  They specialize in hard to find, special and unique items for the home, kitchen and gifts. 2202 1/2 N. Main St., Santa Ana, CA 92706 · Get Directions
  • There are a bunch of small businesses in Downtown Santa Ana – you can find quite a few of them over at the East End Promenade, including the new Playground Burgers!  And be sure to stop by R&R Sportswear, for the biggest collection of western wear and hats, including fedoras.
  • Speaking of Downtown Santa Ana, you can find out even more about the small businesses in our Downtown by visiting the Downtown, Inc. website.  One of those businesses is Drapes Vintage, which is having a sale this Saturday.
  • And you can find even more Santa Ana small businesses by visiting the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce’s website.
  • For a citywide business listing, try Yahoo’s Santa Ana City Guide.
  • How about watching a $2 movie at the Picture Show, at the Mainplace Mall?  The movies aren’t current – but what a deal!
  • There are a lot of small restaurants to try out.  My favorite in town is El Pollo Norteno.  Click here for location info and click here for their specials.  Their tortas are to die for, but if you have a big family to feed, be sure to try one of their Family Packs, which can include marinated, mesquite grilled chicken, carne asada and carnitas, plus all the fixings.
Be sure to let us know what small businesses in Santa Ana YOU will be shopping at tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Which Santa Ana small businesses will you shop at this Saturday?”
  1. umm, I think you forgot one, but it escaped your mind because you associate it as a haven for Santa Ana Progressives and “Silly Liberals”.
    Silly Admin. You can’t out run the truth. I picture you sneaking in a bunch of Pollo Norteno and a bottle of Tapatio to the $2.00 Main place theater to go watch Jack Sprat what’s his name and pretending that you are a Pirate of the Carribean. Because you live in a fantasy world and no longer have any association with the Santa Ana public unless it is behind the camera lens of one of your spies. (your son, paid with $2.00 movie coupons probably) Peace out.

    1. That’s why o asked my readers to suggest additional small businesses. If Isis forget one, it is up to you to bring it up. I assume you’re talking about the Artists Village? By all means, if anyone is looking to buy fine ceramics, photographs, paintings or sculptures I would hope they would head there.

      As for the rest of your inane comment, the snacks at the Mainplace Theater are very inexpensive. We usually buy popcorn.

  2. Jacky and Rudy are smiling. (oh my God, it’s the Grand Inquisitor! smile before he tortures you to death Rudy!)

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