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Andrew Do is ready to serve white people

Do is kissing up to those old, white voters…

I hate to say this but after seeing two of Lou Correa’s First District campaign mailers I am convinced that he is going to lose.  He is running the same tepid campaign that helped Jose Solorio get his butt kicked in the November General Election, by Janet Nguyen, over in the race for the 34th State Senate District.

Why isn’t Correa attacking Andrew Do – Nguyen’s former Chief of Staff?  While Correa is blowing hundreds of thousands sending “nice” mailers replete with pictures of him painting over graffiti, Do is busy working the Viet community – and Do’s mailers are clearly geared to the old, white Republican voters who still matter in the First District.

Correa’s campaign seems to be entirely focused on Latino voters – just like Solorio’s was.  They didn’t vote last year in either the Primary or the General Election. Why would they vote in a Special Election in January?  They are not going to!  And no amount of pandering by Correa to the Viet voters is going to convince any of them not to vote for Do!  They vote for their own, period!

Lame Lou Correa Mailer

Why would Correa painting over graffiti motivate any voters?

Remember that Nguyen gerrymandered the First District to include more Republicans and more Vietnamese voters.  They are not going to waste their time with the other Republicans, Chris Phan and Lupe Moreno.  They are going to vote for Do because he is the perceived front runner.  Do is endorsed by just about every major Republican politician and by both the CA GOP and the OC GOP. Viet voters don’t vote for underdogs.

Andrew Do Resigns

Correa could put a big fat turd in Do’s punch bowl with ONE MAILER asking why in the world did Do quit the Garden Grove City Council in 2011?  And also asking if Do even lived in Garden Grove while he served on the Garden Grove City Council.  Insiders know that Do was living on a vast estate in Santa Ana Heights the whole time!

I met with Solorio way before last year’s Primary Election and told him flat out that he needed to wreck Nguyen.  He said he was going to hold his fire then proceeded to run the lamest campaign I have ever seen.  Now Correa is doing the same damn thing!  It is maddening.  Consider that Correa is running on a platform of public safety – but every city in the First District has their own Police Department – they are not protected by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.  The damn Supervisors have nothing to do with public safety in the First District – at least insofar as crime is involved.  Do Correa’s handlers think the voters are stupid?

This might well be Correa’s last chance to matter.  He has college kids running his campaign into the ground and Lord knows who is designing the lame mailers.  He either needs to man up and go after Do or get ready to lose and see his political career go into the same toilet that Solorio’s slithered into…and time is running out.  We got our absentee ballots today!

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6 thoughts on “Unless Lou Correa starts attacking Andrew Do, he is going to lose big on 1/27”
  1. Yeah I’m with ya Mr. Editor – F**CK those old WHITE voters – they should just go away and die!

  2. Based on what I saw at the RSCCD building the other night I’d agree.

    the DPOC is a wreck.

  3. Old, WHITE voters? Perhaps Correa’s problem is that he is not racist and is dedicated to serving all constituents equally, regardless of their skin color. He is exactly what OC needs. A man of integrity and honor.

    1. His campaign is entirely focused on Latino voters who aren’t going to vote. Good luck with that. Perhaps he can get back into real estate when this debacle is over.

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