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Santa Ana crime by days of the week

There were over 320 crimes reported in Santa Ana during the week of Nov. 11-17, 2013, according to our friends at CrimeMapping.

Here is how the crime trends broke down:

  • 75 Assaults
  • 63 Thefts/Larceny
  • 39 Drug/Alcohol Violations
  • 36 Motor Vehicle Thefts
  • 35 Vehicle Break-Ins
  • 25 Burglaries
  • 12 Disturbing the Peace
  • 12 Weapons Charges
  • 9 DUIs
  • 9 Vandalism
  • 3 Robberies
  • 1 Fraud
  • 1 Arson

Go to CrimeMapping to see a map of where these crimes were committed.  Editor’s Note – we were reporting these crimes on a daily basis but will now be doing so on a weekly basis.  You can always go to CrimeMapping for information on any particular day.

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