Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Proactive Illegal Fireworks Enforcement Totals as of JUNE 28, 2019, from the SAPD:

  • 9 undercover operations
  • 7 $1,000 admin citations issued
  • 1 additional arrest
  • Just under $10,000 street value of illegal fireworks seized
  • 2,919 individual illegal fireworks, including M80 1/4 stick dynamite type devices

Everyone is strongly encouraged to only use safe and sane fireworks. Santa Ana PD will continue to enforce the law and issue citations for illegal fireworks.

You can anonymously report possession/use of illegal fireworks by calling(714) 245-8771

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4 thoughts on “The SAPD is claiming that this year they have zero tolerance for illegal fireworks”
  1. There are so many thousands of firework igniters, that I’m sure it’s not likely that a very high
    number of the illegal fireworks are cited, I really think it’s a bad idea to have a police
    helicopter flying so low that a skyrocket causes damage to the Chopper. I hope the majority
    of the fireworks blasters avoid injury and avoid causing major property damage- all throughout Orange County, this Fourth of July !!

  2. Zero Tolerance my ass. The Santiago Park area looked like a war zone with all the “illegal ” fireworks ( if there “illegal” why does everyone have them??). Where was the Santa Ana PD presence ?? Perhaps they were too busy checking out the new Dunkin’ Donuts on 17th. Who’s really enforcing the law when the Santa Ana PD refuses to do anything??

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