Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

A majority of Santa Ana City Council members voted last night to direct their city staff and the SAPD to explore ways to deal with intoxicated and drugged out suspects who pass pass out in public spaces such as our parks, streets and sidewalks.

Two City Council Members expressed clear opposition to this idea – City Council Members Jonathan Ryan Hernandez and Benjamin Vazquez. They both made it clear that they are more concerned about the wellbeing of criminals and vagrants than the people who live in their wards. You can email them and let them know how you feel about this at and

City staff will now research what to do with inebriated and drugged out people including taking them to the city jail where there is a nursing staff, and treatment services can be provided. They will also look at returning detained people to their cities and states of origin. 

Santa Ana residents have grown increasingly dismayed with the current situation in Santa Ana particularly with drug paraphernalia left in our city parks.

We greatly appreciate Councilman Phil Bacerra for taking point on this effort!

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