Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

The Santa Ana City Council tonight in an emergency vote unanimously directed the City Manager to enact a face mask requirement under her local emergency authority.

The mask mandate will go into effect on Wednesday after the City Manager signs an executive order.

With COVID-19 cases surging, outgoing Mayor Miguel Pulido proposed the emergency action in the final minutes of his final regular Council meeting after 26 years as mayor.

“Nobody is going to save us. We have to save ourselves,” Mayor Pulido said.

More details to come.

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13 thoughts on “The City of Santa Ana is enacting a new face mask requirement”
    1. The reason police get called is because stupid people don’t listen to the commands that are given to them, when police officer gives a command do what he’s asking and you have no problem, try using respect towards the officer. When he says stop or don’t move guess what the means don’t be stupid stop and don’t move, I know that’s too easy for people to comply with the commands of an officer so keep being stupid and pay the price. You just can’t fix stupid.

  1. Just another way city Government putting needless controls on a community that already know’s what to do. City council means nothing.

  2. Wow. These comments are something else… sounds like a bunch of people who believe Trump didnt lose the election…

  3. Imagine everybody who has been affected by Covid each person and compare it if they or someone else wore a mask in reality they would be here today

  4. Guys, this whole mask wearing thing went from a health problem to a political problem. Why can’t you guys figure it out? If you don’t wear a mask, there’s a possibility you can die from getting covid-19.

    Yeah I want the economy to get better and bring back jobs, but if we don’t get over this bs excuse of “it’s my right not to wear a mask,” people will continue getting sick/dying.

    It’s difficult to understand consequences and actions until something happens to you.

    1. Those that refuse to wear the mask are the first ones to scream when we shut down again. What is the big deal?

    2. You make a valid point. You can absolutely die from Covid if you don’t wear a mask! Data also shows that you can also die from Covid if we DO wear a mask. Not to mention that over 95% of people survive Covid.

      Personally, i don’t like wearing the mask. I also don’t fight it. If a store requires me to wear it, it’s their establishment and i’m choosing to do business with them so i’ll comply. If they don’t require it, then i won’t.

      It’s been over a year that this “pandemic” has been around, and we all know the risks.

      And I agree, the fact that this is political is nonsense!

  5. You are a bunch of self centered fools….you do NOT HAVE THE RIGHTto infect others….anymore than you can punch someone just because…..thats assult and battery. Your rights end where my rights begin

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