Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

The candidates are set for the upcoming SAUSD School Board Special Election, which will be held on Nov. 5, to replace Cecilia Iglesias, who was elected to the Santa Ana City Council.

The candidates include:

  • Cecilia Aguinaga – a Realtor who has run for the SAUSD School Board a few times before. Aguinaga has served on various City Commissions over the years. She currently serves on the Santa Ana Housing and Redevelopment Commission.
  • David Benavides – a former Santa Ana City Councilman who now heads up a non-profit, Kidworks.
  • Gisela Contreras – a parent/businesswoman who is endorsed by Iglesias.
  • Carolyn Torres – a 7th grade teacher who has very liberal views.

I am surprised that Benavides is running and disappointed that Angie Cano is not running. Cano has come close to getting elected to the SAUSD School Board in a couple previous races.

This Special Election will be held concurrently with the Santa Ana City Council’s Ward 4 Special Election, which will replace Benavides’ old friend Roman Reyna, who had to quit the City Council after he got caught fudging his campaign paperwork.

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