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Paws to Read

City of Santa Ana, Downtown Orange County

Community Alert: Santa Ana Public Library Announces Children, Tween, and Adult Summer Reading Programs

SANTA ANA, CA ( June 23, 2014) – The City of Santa Ana Public Library is committed to being an educational beacon in our local community, promoting literacy and providing a fun and safe gathering place for adults and families. Essential parts of this commitment are the library’s exciting reading based programs for children, tweens, and for the 4th consecutive year, adults.

One such activity is our 2014 Summer Reading Program, themed “Paws to Read.” This is an excellent way to promote reading and lifelong learning for people of all ages. For children and tweens, participation in a vacation reading program strengthens their reading literacy skills and helps prevent them from falling behind academically. For adults, their participation serves as a positive example to children and family members, testifying to the importance of reading. It also fosters and promotes each adult’s lifelong learning.

The 2014 Summer Reading Program “Paws to Read” will run for seven weeks, beginning June 23 through August 9, 2014.

Registration begins on Monday, June 23, 2014. For more information, call the Santa Ana Public Library at (714) 647-5264 (adult program) or (714) 647-5258 (children & tweens)

Children and Tweens Program Flyer:

Click to access SRP.pdf

Summer Reading Program Performers Flyer

Click to access SRPPerformersFlyer2014.pdf

Adult Summer Reading Program Flyer

Click to access ASRP.pdf

26 CIVIC CENTER PLAZA (corner of Civic Center and Ross)

For full details, view this message on the web.

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  1. Amazing only two library’s in Santa Ana but we 100 medical marijauna dispensaries , but then this has nothing to do with the mayor ….yea art we know put the blame on some one else…

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