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Sports Foundation to Distribute Brand New Running Shoes for Students in the Santa Ana Unified School District as part of the RunStrong program to promote a healthier lifestyle

(March 7, 2016) – When students didn’t have proper shoes to compete in 5k and 10k races, but they would still be just as eager to participate in whatever they could afford, the Kevin Armstrong MD Memorial Sports Foundation knew that they had to find a way to provide running shoes to all the students who participated in their program – RunStrong – a program that instills a love of running in intermediate-age students while promoting living a healthy lifestyle.

“We made a commitment to invest in their success as a runner and to inspire them to continue to run and make fitness a part of their overall healthier lifestyle. The students are excited, appreciative, and overjoyed that we make such an investment in them. Give a kid a new pair of shoes, and they immediately feel more hopeful and optimistic no matter what their environment around them looks like,” said Karen Armstrong, the sister of the late Kevin Armstrong MD, and Vice President of the Foundation.

Within the last five years, the Kevin Armstrong MD Memorial Sports Foundation has provided approximately 700 pairs of top quality running shoes to students who participate in their programs at Mac Arthur, Mendez, McFadden, and Carr intermediate schools, all in the Santa Ana Unified School District.

“One of the greatest joys in life is to help, inspire and encourage someone else. It’s even more special when it’s a young person from a disadvantaged background who just needs to know that someone cares for them and is willing to help them do better and be better. That goes a long way,” said Armstrong.

The Foundation will be distributing new pairs of running shoes to Run Strong participants at Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School, located at 2000 North Bristol Street in Santa Ana, on March 14 at 3:00 p.m.

The Kevin Armstrong MD Memorial Sports Foundation has been in partnership with the SAUSD since 2005 sponsoring intermediate school athletic programs. They pay 100% of costs for students to participate in RunStrong, registration fees, transportation to and from races, healthy snacks, T-Shirts and a new pair of running shoes for all students. Visit for more information and to donate.

The Kevin Armstrong, M.D. Memorial Sports Foundation was established in celebration of the life of Dr. Kevin Armstrong and his belief that students of modest economic means could achieve higher goals if they received the proper support, inspiration and opportunities. Dr. Armstrong was equally passionate about sports and the positive impact that they could have on children and adolescents. His enduring connection to Santa Ana began as a child. He attended Diamond Elementary School and Carr Intermediate School where he was the ASB President and Valedictorian. Dr. Armstrong continued his higher education at Princeton University and UCLA Medical School. He became a respected orthopedic surgeon, a fitting career that embodied his love of sports and dedication to community service. He passed away in 2005 of a rare heart condition, but his passion for young people to lead healthy lives continues through the work of the Foundation.


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