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April 11, 2024 – As a candidate for State Assembly District 68, which includes Santa Ana, Orange and Anaheim, Mike Tardif is resolute in opposing the distribution of drug needles within our communities.

The proliferation of drug needles not only poses a serious public health risk but also contributes to the deterioration of our neighborhoods. Mike Tardif firmly believes that enabling drug use through distribution of 100’s of thousands of needles, few of which are ever returned or “exchanged,” is not the solution to combating substance abuse.

Instead, Mike advocates for comprehensive approaches that prioritize prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. It is imperative to invest in education, mental health services, and addiction treatment programs to address the root causes of substance abuse and provide support to those struggling with addiction.

Along with other community leaders, Mike supports AB 2523; a bill proposed by Assemblymember Joe Patterson that would amend California law to prohibit the State from authorizing a needle distribution program without the approval of a city government.

Mike Tardif pledges to work tirelessly to protect the well-being and safety of the residents of AD 68, advocating for policies that foster healthy communities and provide opportunities for all.

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3 thoughts on “State Assembly candidate Mike Tardif opposes the distribution of drug needles in Santa Ana”
  1. When is Tardif gonna realize no one wants him? He’s a multi failure candidate. All he wants is to be a career politician and any time any one challenges his alternative facts he just blocks.

  2. Hi Mike Thank you for your stance against the HRI project to force their agenda back onto Santa Ana.

    I hope you are a proponent of
    and their endeavors to keep our Proposition 13 in place. I have written to Avelino Valencia about is votes which are not favorable to Proposition 13.

    We all need to broadcast the benefits of Proposition 13. If we lose it to the hard left Democrat/Socialist goal it will be a tragedy for we California homeowners. Please stand with us!

    Katherine Freeman
    President Republic Homes

  3. Tardif is a Trump supporter. Anyone who thinks Trump should be President isn’t thinking clearly and doesn’t belong in any position of our government.

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