Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Santa Ana Council Member Carlos Bustamante’s arrest is a tragic situation that should have been resolved many years earlier.

I am deeply disappointed by our County government’s inability to quickly identify and take swift action against all those who didn’t do their job – upholding a workplace that is free from sexual harassment, abuse of authority and abuse of women.

It is a tragedy that many in our County government choose not to listen or turned a blind eye, possibly thinking an investigation would be too embarrassing, too financially costly or as seemingly apparent, a way to protect one of their own, regardless of the potential for serious criminal charges.

Before the Orange County Register published a series of letters that detailed Mr. Bustamante’s office practices in September 2011, Orange County first and oldest community and political blog, the Orange Juice Blog, which I founded, included (in 2010) in the comment section of a story related to Bustamante’s alleged “Water Bra” comment towards our Orange County Sheriff, many alleged accounts of inappropriate work relationships at the County of Orange.

In March of 2011, it was reported that a complaint was submitted to the “centralized” Orange County Human Resources agency, yet no action was taken until September 2011.

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