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Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante, who was arrested earlier this month on a plethora of felony sex crime and public theft charges, is out on bail now and according to a city hall insider he is allegedly planning on attending closed sessions of the Santa Ana City Council, but he won’t be attending public sessions.

My source reports that Bustamante wants to keep getting his Council stipend, his car allowance, and his health benefits, but he does not want to face the music by putting himself in the public square.

Perhaps Bustamante is afraid that he might get censured at an upcoming Santa Ana City Council meeting?  When Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez compared landlord/developer Irv Chase to Adolf Hitler, Bustamante joined with Council Member David Benavides in an attempt to censure her.  Now you have to wonder who on the Council will file an 85A agenda item and try to censure Bustamante?  And which way will Benavides, a longtime Bustamante ally, go?

Benavides is now ripping Alvarez on Facebook because a friend of hers, Max Madrid, filed suit this week to compel the Santa Ana City Attorney to issue nomination papers to Alvarez, for this November’s Council elections.  But no word at all from Benavides about Bustamante…

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14 thoughts on “Bustamante allegedly plans to attend closed Council sessions only”
  1. That sounds like a dangerous scenario in deed.
    If he moves his hand towards any Vaginas then he will be accused of sexual violations. If he moves his hand away from any vaginas then he will be accused of masturbating. Alvarez and Martinez should have a ball with this.

    1. All jokes aside, I am hearing that Bustamante may have to have a police escort when he is at city hall, to keep the women safe.

  2. “Bustamante may have to have a police escort when he is at city hall, to keep the women safe”……… Hmmmmmmm

    The SAPD did not make Susie Young Kim safe from the SAPD13 and she was a woman

    What makes them believe that they can make all women safe from the Bustamante.

  3. It will be interesting to see if the council members, all of which opposed allowing sex offenders in parks, libraries and other public places and passed that ridiculous ordinance, feel about having one in their own chambers. Might it change their opinion when it’s someone they know?

  4. @Sue – great point, a Citizen ought to suggest that in public comments, or at least suggest that a Councilmember who misses X sessions is considered fired.

    Who’s investigating if this creep groped anyone in City Hall? It strains believability that he was ass grabbing at the HoA for almost ten years, but not at the City.

  5. this bar must know Carlos bustamante
    XXXX s edinger
    Santa Ana 92704
    The owner of the bar claims he’s untouchable the Carlos bustamante

  6. There is a long history of elected officials attending Council Meetings while awaiting trial. Ted Moreno was arrested along with Councilman Tony Espinosa and Moreno continued serving, attending meetings, and even ran for Mayor while awaiting his tril.

    There is nothing to stop him from pulling papers and running for re-election. Nothing says “I did it” louder to prospective Jurers than resigning from the City Council. I expect Bustamante to follow former Felon and Councilmember Moreno’s pattern of deny and serve and run for another term. Why would he give up the money he can use to pay for his lawyers and give up the health beni’s and send a message to the 12 who may decide his fate that he is guilty of something and therefore will quit the Council? His wife and family are also standing by him so I imagine he will attend every other meeting (which is OK per City Charter) and hope someone can beat him if he pulls papers to run in November.

  7. Boniface,

    Let me clear up a few things for you. Tony Espinosa was no longer serving on the city council at the time of the arrest, he had chosen not to run for reelection prior to that going down.

    In regards to Ted serving while under indictment and Carlos serving while under indictment it is apples and oranges. Ted was charged with non-violent white collar crimes and Carlos is charged with violent sexual based felonies. Big difference.

    Carlos remaining on the city council and attending official meetings raises questions of public safety. Is it fair to ask women that work for the city to potentially be alone with someone that has been described by the District Attorney as a “predator” and a “wolf”?

    Allowing Bustamante to roam City Hall is akin to Penn State allowing Jerry Sandusky access to their facilities.

    If Bustamante does show up at City Hall I certainly hope that a police officer is in the room at all times to insure the safety of the women working there.

  8. “If Bustamante does show up at City Hall I certainly hope that a police officer is in the room at all times to insure the safety of the women working there”…… Hmmmmmm

    How come that DA did not issued any restraining order?

    He ask only that Carlos surrender his guns within 3 days. Together with that usually comes restraining order to stay away of any county and city employ of 100 ft.

    If none was issued the city clerk should ask for one.

  9. While I hope Bustamante is defeated in November, I think it is likely he will, like former Councilman Moreno, run again and win. Why would he resign and allow the current council to appoint another Council puppet so they can have a 4th vote to trash him and his legacy before, during, and after his trail? Bustamante has served on the Council for 8 years and there have NEVER been any complaints against him from Santa Ana employees. Not one employee of the city of santa ana is included with his current issues with the county. In fact, Councilmember Martinez was proud to post Bustamantes endorsement on her mailers and web site and post her sign in his front yard! There are many photos of Bustamante and the current council arm in arm enjoying each others company. Councilman Bustamantes wife, the person with the most to lose in all of this is standing by him as is his family. Let’s let the courts decide who is right. Bill Clinton did much the same thing to a young Monica Lewinsky and lied about it and yet was allow to serve out his term and run again for President. Some even think he was a good President.

    Councilman Moreno took bribes of cash and gold coins and yet he was allowed to serve out his term and let the courts decide he should spend 4 years in State Prison. That’s the American legal system. Innocent until proven otherwise.

  10. Stephen,

    Let me help you with some historical facts. Ted Moreno never won an election while under indictment. He ran for Mayor and lost after his arrest. He was arrested 2 years after he was reelected for a second term.

    Ted was charged with non-violent white collar crimes and that is a far cry from the violent sexual based felonies that Bustamante is facing. I guess you were okay with Penn State allowing Sandusky access to their facilities even though his innappropriate behavior was known and had been reported. After all Sandusky hadn’t been convicted, right?

    Carlos is looking at 6 times the amount of prison time that Ted served. As far as his legacy goes he trashed it himself. His legacy will consist of all the lives and careers he forever damaged and all the despicable crimes he committed…allegedly.

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