Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Illegal fireworks in santa ana

Santa Ana Police Department

Advisory: Santa Ana Police Step-Up Enforcement of Illegal Fireworks During the Month of June

Santa Ana Police Special Enforcement Team Officers focused enforcement on persons selling illegal fireworks with the goal of impacting the ready accessibility of dangerous fireworks in the City of Santa Ana.

Illegal fireworks in santa ana

Undercover officers through the use of social media platforms contacted 2 separate individuals and arranged to purchase illegal and dangerous fireworks. The undercover operation culminated in the arrests of 2 individuals and the seizure of over 650 pounds of illegal fireworks.

Illegal fireworks in santa ana

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One thought on “SAPD focusing on stopping illegal fireworks in the month of June”
  1. They must not be looking too hard. They’ve been lighting them for the last month around the Wilshire Square/St. Anne area.

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