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SAUSD poor performing schools

The very best elementary school in the Santa Ana Unified School District, according to the O.C. Register’s latest rankings, is John Muir Fundamental Elementary, which was ranked #25 in the county. The only other SAUSD elementary school to rank over #50 was Jim Thorpe Fundamental Elementary, which was ranke84d #32. The other fundamental school in town, Greenville Elementary, was ranked #72.

The rest of the SAUSD Schools, with the exception of Carl Harvey Elementary at #84, are ranked below the top 100, with 13 of them ranked below the top 300 and six ranked in the 200’s.

This is terrible news as the failure to educate kids in our elementary schools bodes ill for their advancement to middle schools and high schools.

All of my kids attended Muir Fundamental. It has been a great school for some time. But how long will that last in what remains a terrible school district with perhaps the worst School Board in Orange County? They certainly aren’t accountable as they don’t even list their contact information on the SAUSD website.  Only two of the SAUSD Trustees have school-aged children.  One of them, Rob Richardson, never had any kids.  Three of them work for the government, one is a lawyer and Trustee John Palacio says he is a political consultant, although I don’t know that he has ever succeeded in getting anyone other than himself elected.

I am fortunate that this is my family’s last year with the SAUSD. My son James is graduating from Godinez Fundamental and my son Jacob has been accepted into a math and science magnet school in Tustin. Adios SAUSD!

Sadly many Santa Ana families cannot escape the SAUSD. For them the nightmare continues.

Click here to see the Register’s elementary school rankings.

Here are the top elementary schools in Orange County, as per the OC Register:


•Stonegate Elementary, Irvine Unified
•Ethan B. Allen Elementary, Garden Grove Unified
•Jack L. Weaver Elementary, Los Alamitos Unified
•Stone Creek Elementary, Irvine Unified
•Villa Park Elementary, Orange Unified
•Rossmoor Elementary, Los Alamitos Unified


•Newland (William T.) Elementary, Fountain Valley Elementary
•Arbolita Elementary, La Habra City Elementary
•Huntington Seacliff Elementary, Huntington Beach City Elementary
•Francis Hopkinson Elementary, Los Alamitos Unified
•Walt Disney Elementary, Magnolia Elementary
•Tustin Memorial Elementary, Tustin Unified


•Albert Schweitzer Elementary, Magnolia Elementary
•Brookhaven Elementary, Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified
•Hicks Canyon Elementary, Tustin Unified
•John Murdy Elementary, Garden Grove Unified
•Melrose Elementary, Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified
•Acacia Elementary, Fullerton Elementary
•Eastbluff Elementary, Newport-Mesa Unified
•Turtle Rock Elementary, Irvine Unified
•Ladera Palma Elementary, La Habra City Elementary
•Westpark Elementary, Irvine Unified

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6 thoughts on “Santa Ana’s Elementary schools ranked low by the O.C. Register again”
  1. The whole thing is completely bogus. There is no way any school with a significant ELL population could EVER rank high on that list. You should know that NCLB is the standard for these rankings and the goal of NCLB was 100% proficiency by 2014, an impossible goal. No school who has missed any target by any population subgroup on the CST’s was eligible for a “medal”. It means nothing. Some schools that were given “gold” medals by the register dropped over 100 points in one year. Did they suddenly go from being great to being failures? No, they did not. The outrageous and impossible task set before them caught up to them. For example, your school could meet your API target and one sub group could improve 7%, but because they did not improve 9% they are failures. The only schools that are not Program Improvement schools in the county are those that received medals, did you notice how few schools that is compared to past years? It is bogus and you should know this before posting this crap.

    1. What is not bogus is the drop out rates and graduation rates and those have not improved appreciably in the past decade in Santa Ana.

      I know there are some good teachers out there but the schools in Santa Ana are overcrowded and the new Superintendent is talking about IPads instead. It does not bode well.

      Trustee Audrey Noji was so impressed by our schools that she sent her son to a high school in Irvine!

      To top it all off there has been a giant brain drain for years now as parents with other means have sent their kids to private schools and to other school districts.

      We made the best of what we had available and appreciate that the fundamental schools were still good while our kids were growing up. But as I wrote I am relieved to be done with this school district.

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