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Did you know that a group of students from Santa Ana High School recently faced off against students from Cerritos High School in an autonomous robot vehicle competition, which was held in Santa Ana, this year, on June 12?

Check out the video above and see for yourself!  Amazing.

Kudos to Santa Ana High School teacher Dr. Gary Reynolds for leading the Saints to victory!

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2 thoughts on “Santa Ana High School team wins robot tourney against Cerritos High School!”
  1. What a surprise to find this here, Art. You must really do your research. The two white-haired guys, John Takacs and Gerry Smith, started the club at SAHS 20 years ago when the place where the Edinger Ave. Home Depot sits was then a McDonald-Douglas Aircraft facility, where they worked as electronic engineers. After MDA moved everything up to Long Beach, (and then was absorbed by Boeing) they started another club at Cerritos H.S. with Phil Turek (the balding guy) who had done his student teaching at SAHS. We all have fun competing in our unique “3-wall” competition, but the victory is completely in the doing of it, not at all in the triumph over fellow future engineers. However, the cash prizes (solely from John Takacs’ pocket) are cherries on top of the icing.

    1. SAHS Teacher,

      I do indeed! I scour the web every day to try to find news about the city of Santa Ana and the people who live here.

      What a great program! Kudos to all involved with the Robot Tourney. It looked like a lot of fun!

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