Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

With the sentencing of former Santa Ana College professor George Moreno, who allegedly raped a middle college student on the Santa Ana College campus, coming up on April 3rd, it seems that the college is now trying to hire another felon, Refugio Rodriguez.

Former LAUSD board member Rodriguez pled guilty to a money-laundering scheme in 2018 and ultimately resigned after pleading guilty to a felony conspiracy charge and several misdemeanors.

The Los Angeles City Ethics Commission unanimously approved a stipulated order imposing a penalty of $100,000 on Rodriguez in 2018 as well.

An online petition was even launched calling for the prosecution of Rodriguez.

Rodriguez apparently was hired at Porterville College, in Fresno, after his legal fiasco in Los Angeles. Now Santa Ana College appears to be trying to hire Rodriguez oversee dual enrollment at the college which means that he will deal directly with high school children.

We are told that Rodriguez has some sort of connection with Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustee Sal Tinajero who continues to pal around with Santa Ana’s homegrown felon, Roman Reyna. Not surprising as Tinajero apparently has a thing for felons!

Members of the community are going to protest at tonight’s RSCCD board of trustees meeting for a list of failures by the chancellor and security chief including this latest faux pas.

Update: They hired him and gave him a salary of 140k! Not a bad salary with fully paid medical, dental, etc.

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