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Harvey Milk Day

Apparently the City of Santa Ana will be issuing a Certificate of Recognition honoring Harvey Milk, the slain San Francisco politician who has come to represent the gay movement in the U.S., on Monday, May 6, at the Council Meeting, according to an email I received from Archer Altstaetter, the promoter of the East End Promenade, in Downtown Santa Ana.

Archer wrote that “In 2010, Santa Ana was the first City in Orange County to recognize Harvey Milk Day and they have recognized it every year since. The recognition will take place at the beginning of the City Council meeting in City Council Chambers. City Council meeting is supposed to begin at 5:45 pm, but as most of you know, it sometimes is a little late getting started. Wear your GNFF shirts.”

Archer also advised that on Tuesday, May 21, 2013, The Orange County Board of Supervisors will be recognizing Harvey Milk Day. They refused to do so for several years and Supervisor Janet Nguyen even got up and walked out of a meeting once when this was being discussed, on the pretext of having to go breastfeed her child.  I guess she is on board with this now that she is running for the 34th State Senate District, in 2014.

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7 thoughts on “Santa Ana and the County of Orange to recognize Harvey Milk Day this month”
  1. This past weekend PRIDE SAN DIEGO, held one of it’s “OUT at the ballpark” events at Petco Park in San Diego.

    Among the dignitaries was one of the First PRO players to come out, Santa Ana’s own Billy Bean (not to be confused with the Moneyball guy). Bean threw out the first pitch and was saluted by the crowd.

    PRIDE SD throws a great tailgate party, in the open lots at 13th and Imperial, family friendly safe and beer allowed! Several Santa Anan’s were on hand including the infamous blog character Henry Gattis, who knows Billy’s family.

    A fun time had by all! Padres beat SF in 12 innings, which makes for a LONG ride home!

  2. “Apparently the City of Santa Ana will be issuing a Certificate of Recognition honoring Milkman”……… Hmmmmmmm

    Is this the same Milkman who had sex with lonely housewives during his deliveries and one day the jealous husband ended his miserable sex life?

    Will Carlos do the honoring?

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