Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023
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From the OC Politics Blog

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido is calling for a meeting of his fellow wizards mayors to “identify potential solutions on the issue of beach fire pits” next week in Diamond Bar. We’ve posted the complete letter which includes an invitation to tour the AQMD labs here.


One of our fellow Editors speculates Miguel may have an interest in a propane company, or is refilling tanks out of his muffler shop, but we have to wonder what he’s really up to here. Santa Ana lacks fire pits, a beach to put them on and plenty of other things — like libraries and an honest city council and administration.

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2 thoughts on “Pulido steps into the raging bonfire debate”
  1. Please keep our California beach bonfire pits opened, Mr Mayor, for the pleasure of our children’s children!!!!

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