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Support Occupy Orange County CA is going to occupy Orange on Saturday, Oct. 8, beginning at 12:00 noon and ongoing through the afternoon.

They ask that you wear comfortable shoes and if you want to bring a sign, keep them tasteful.  They have four signs of their first official flyer for protesters to use and 400 flyers to pass out.

GOAL: Bring awareness of our existence and advertise for their big demonstration in Irvine on the 15th.

LOCATION: The Circle (aka Plaza) located at Chapman and Glassell

PARKING: Free parking is located behind the storefronts on Glassell, just follow signs for public parking.

TIME AND DATE: This Saturday, October 8, 2011 beginning at 12:00 Noon

Click here to RSVP on Facebook.

They are also going to occupy Irvine, on Oct. 15.

That one does not make much sense, according to the OC Weekly: “But with October 15 falling on a Saturday, Irvine’s Financial District (home to Bank of America, Taco Bell, Spectrum Group International, Golden State Foods, CorVel Corporation and others) is almost assured to be a ghost town, which begs the question–even if thousands of people show up to rally, will the intended recipients of the message be on hand to hear it?”

And they plan to occupy Santa Ana, on Saturday, October 22 at 12:00pm – Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 3:00pm, at the Ronald Reagan Federal Building and United States Courthouse.

I don’t know what these folks hope to accomplish but it ought to be quite a ruckus.  I would imagine the SAPD will be out in full force, on their horses…

Click here for more info.

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8 thoughts on “Protesters now planning on occupying Santa Ana, Irvine and Orange”
  1. Occupy New Santa Ana Day #2.5

    Will return to excerpts from manifesto after today’s proceedings.
    We were busying making signs for today’s protest.
    I think if Theo reads Admin’s Post he is going to bash his sign right over the heads of some Irvine clowns.
    Sorry Irvine. “Occupy O.C.” was not created to conform to Irvine Home Owner standards. We are SANTANISTAS! So you all can stick it. Club Fed, Wall St. Cock Blocking Republicans and Irvine are all on our hit list. Buenas Noches. Rumor is that Michele Martinez is going to come down to the plaza to scratch her head or something like that.

  2. ““Free parking” should suit these Bozos”….. Hmmmmm

    I think Jesus, Gandhi and millions who changed communism were in your pin head Bozos too?….. Huh?

    Change is cumming you moron mongoloid and you do not like it.

  3. Stanley needs to double check his history. In the time of Jesus, communism wasn’t even an idea for a form of government. Gandhi championed non violence to combat the British occupiers. And Bozo is not an adjective but an entertainer who dressed like a clown who called himself Bozo. Irvine doesn’t have a Wall Street in the same way that New York has. We have branches of banks; Taco Bell shouldn’t be confused with Taco Bank, and the Spectrum Group who brought an entertainment center all of whom employ many people. If anything, they should all be thanked.
    If you want change, then change government senators who gives billions in subsidies to big Agri business and Big Oil. What’s worse, it is borrowed money on top of borrowed money to finance wars and stabilize a country that never had a government in the first place.

  4. Well, these protests have only had limited success in the past, but maybe with the Jobs Bill going to the Senate and with help of the unions and social networks, maybe ordinary people can, finally, be heard.

    However, keep it both thoughtful (esp. with constructive, creative signs — (the “fifth column” of paid, planted anti’s will try to make your effort look foolish enough with their signs, you don’t need to help them), and keep it peaceful! Anarchy is STUPID. When the police give direction, comply with it — they are only doing their job, and most of them are union members too.

    “Our” President (however pathetically) has at least recognized that this grassroots effort is going on. Enough media attention, and leadership by some constructive and thoughtful people with a real program – say, for example getting behind something concrete like:


    – The VOLKER RULE enforcement for banks and financial organizations and

    – The HEAVY TAXATION OF SHORT-TERM MARKET TRADING PROFITS (which are not investments in companies but only market-moving speculation by traders counting on the “greater fool” i.e. the rest of us).

    Well, who knows? I’ll try to do my part. LET’S GET IT ON!


  5. “it is a global uprising”, Hmmmm.

    Yes, we now have the christians being butchered in Egypt!

    This movement is not global, it’s the example of why this country is in trouble. this is a movement of the morons, drug addicts, black welfare queens, brown welfare queens and of course last but not least white trash.

  6. Occupy New Santa Ana Day#8.5
    Michelle Quinn is not a member of human race, she does not matter.
    Today is Global Revolution Day. so far, so safe, just a wee bit more love in the matrix.
    I will be Off Radar and sleeping in the middle of Irvine, spreading peace and preparing for the apocalypse at the same time.
    So I am killing two birds with one stone. Or just wasting everyone’s time. Hope not.
    Santa Ana Occupiers to go to Council meeting monday to discuss things.
    Over and out.

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