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A press conference regarding Santa Ana Police Department outrageous raids on medical marijuana dispensaries will be held this Monday, June 15, 2015, at 1:30 p.m., at the Westin Hotel located at 333 E. Ocean Blvd., in Long Beach.

The event organizers ask that you please dress as you would for court support.

SAPD Medical Marijuana Dispensary Raid

  1. If the judge has declared a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Measure BB in Santa Ana, then legally, Measure CC, which we also won, should be in effect.
  2. If the SAPD cop in question in the above video was truly eating the marijuana edibles from the shop (which he appeared to be doing) then there should be federal firearms charges involved.
  3. We need to call for a grand jury investigation into this case. This is corruption at it’s worst, and the sort of thing we expect to see in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, not here in America, let alone Orange County, California.
  4. The judge who signed the search warrant for this raid was actually from Fullerton, not Santa Ana. The reason they chose this judge might be deduced from the fact that the police officers were caught having beer with him at the Staples Center.
  5. The female police officer who said that she wanted to kick a disabled dispensary client named Marla “in her nub” has not yet been put on administrative leave. Nor have the cops who were standing around playing darts. Nor were the ones who were apparently trying to destroy video evidence. Nor was the cop who was eating the marijuana edibles. If you would like to speak to the investigating officer and let him know what you think of this situation, his name is Officer Rivera, and his desk phone number is 714-245-8005. No need to be hostile–he’s actually a good guy. Just give him support and let him know that should he choose not to walk that “thin blue line” and instead, do what he needs to prosecute these dirty cops, he will have the full support of the people!

Santa Ana City Council, Marijuana

It is time to contact our Santa Ana elected officials and demand a proper investigation of these crooked SAPD cops – and their immediate suspension!  Here is their contact information:

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16 thoughts on “Press conference and rally against the SAPD’s marijuana dispensary raids set for 6/15”
  1. This is a well written well advised article ADMIN.

    There is no more need for crazy talk. The video speaks volumes.
    I am concerned that two of the most notorious FELONS in the Blogesphere will be speaking out against this. This is MOST dangerous to the greater cause. Hopefully cooler heads prevail and the whole METH HEAD and FTP crowds shut up and allow the citizens to act responsibly.

    Pappas seems to know what he’s doing. The talking heads should stand DOWN.

  2. Debbie Is a champion of her cause. FULL RESPECT THERE.

    I see that the same character who scammed Greg Diamond into a SLEAZY personal destruction is back at the VOC.

    The OJB is increasingly playing both sides against the middle (brilliantly), tasteless but hey, this isn’t about doing what’s RIGHT. It’s about doing what WE LIKE.

  3. Why is the conference related to s.a.p.d. being held in long beach? , are they worried about being intimitated by the police, like they were at the council meeting when they threatened arrest when the citizens wore their f*** the police hats.

      1. That is bullocks , I’ve witnessed a gang unit officer take a container full of marijuana from a guy they were searching ,open it , smell it and say how good it smelled then put it in his pocket , then let the guy go without a citation or even a report , all while the guy told him it was medicinal . This has neen going on far longer than we think I’m glad they finally caught them on video.

          1. I didn’t get involved because then i would also become a target for them and even if i approach them politely they will make up a charge to put on me , you’d be surprised how easily they can justify taking someone to jail, as i am a family man ,head of household i can not afford to get arrested, and evrn if people get involved if the right people dont get involved it wont make a difference,this is why we elect these so called officials.

    1. The lawyer who is representing the collective is based in Long Beach, I believe he was successful in overturning that cities MMJ ordinance. Plus, as mentioned, that will be a much more palatable venue with the FTP morons looking for screen time.

  4. Dispensaries bring lotsof trouble, especially to a city like SA. They become target for burglars and commercial robberies. It bring outsiders to the city and to hang out.

  5. How sad that people are afraid to be involved because they fear for their families and reprisal. This is government fascism and tyranny. These cops should be fired and and striped of all pensions and perks.
    The mayor and council should be horsewhipped. No render that citizensrende cops and the government.

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